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Going from Fit to Fat, and Now to Go Back #SimplySmoothies

January 15, 2015By 0 Comments

Lets just face it. I am no longer 100lbs soaking wet. My pants scream when I put them on, my bathing suit is hiding in the bottom of the dresser drawers and my zippers plead for their lives. In 2014 I took it upon myself to quit smoking and like most, when I quit smoking […]

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Snickerdoodles Cookie Recipe

January 5, 2015By 0 Comments

I’ve been trying to think of something to write for a few days now, and let’s just say this whole readjusting back to regular life after a month of holidays has been hard. Since I am unable to think of anything witty to write, I figured I’d share with you another one of my lovely […]

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Letting Go of the Pain.

December 28, 2014By 1 Comment

There comes a time in your life where you sit in your livingroom, staring out a window; in my case with headphones on and music blasting through my ears, really taking a look at your life. Life is something that is supposed to be this hugely meaningful thing, but is it? I am technically classified […]

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The Ultimate Kids’ Tablet Experience – LeapPad XDi Ultra

December 15, 2014By 0 Comments

In our home we are what many would call hardcore tech addicts. There isn’t a room in our home that doesn’t have some sort of technology within it. Whether it is a television, gaming system, hand held systems, tablets, etc. We have it. We breathe technology here, so we were very delighted to be offered […]

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Gingerbread Cupcakes Recipe

December 9, 2014By

When it comes to the holiday time, MommyMatter finds themselves baking a lot of things, especially cupcakes for the kids holiday activities at school. Since we are away this year for all the Christmas fun, we felt it was necessary to bake cupcakes for the last day that they’ll be in attendance. The recipe winner […]

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