Family & Fun

I am Miserable and Unable to Sleep!

August 24, 2014By 0 Comments

Have you ever been lying in bed and you get that chest crushing feeling? You know, the one that makes you want to just scream “SHUT UP!” Yeah, that seems to be my life lately.  My brain has this whole syndrome of not knowing when to keep its internal mouth shut. As it speaks, I […]

Goodbye Man Bits!

June 18, 2014By 2 Comments

That’s right, I am saying goodbye to man bits. Not mine! I don’t have any that I have yet to come across; well other than my manly personality and manners. Yesterday, I finally got Oscar Meyer Wiener neutered. I finally got to experience the joy of taking away a mans manly bits! I got to […]

In the Kitchen

Spinach Quiche – #HealthyMadeEasy with @BurnbraeFarms

May 26, 2014By 0 Comments

When it comes to incorporating healthy meals that are actually easy, I am all over that trying to find them. I love simple meals and I especially love meals that I can make ahead and freeze for another day. This next recipe happens to be one that can be used for both breakfast and dinner, […]

Sourcream Banana Bread Recipe

January 26, 2014By 0 Comments

Baking is the one thing apart of motherhood that I seem to get right. I am not generally considered that “Let it to Beaver” mom… but I can be when it comes to my kitchen skills! There are some things around here that we find ourselves always making and this is one recipe we can’t live […]

Random Awesome

Transitioning from Summer to Back to School

August 28, 2014By 0 Comments

It is that time of year again, back to school time. Some of you already have kids back in school while others aren’t until this upcoming week. Either way, it is that time of year again and that means it is time to reign in on the schedules and get life back to those pesky […]

Getting Organized for Back to School

August 25, 2014By 0 Comments

Can you believe how quick this summer went? I personally blame it on the fact this is my first summer ever working since I had the kids. I have never had an actual job that required me everyday during the summer months. Being a freelancer has generally allowed me to take summers off; but with […]

Product Reviews

Review – CleanView® Vacuum with OnePass® Technology™ 1816C

April 7, 2014By 16 Comments

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been doing something we generally are not big fans of; vacuuming. It is a process I am not a fan of and since introducing a dog with hair into our home it has become a task I’ve done a lot of. Over the past 6 months one of my […]

Holiday Shopping Done Right with #AngryBirdsPrepaid

December 2, 2013By 1 Comment

Christmas shopping around here can be a bit of a stress and financial worry. I have a financial plan every month and I do not like going outside of my set budget. Every month I always have a little extra money that gets set aside for unexpected expenses and also the holiday season. Sadly, usually […]

Other Recent Posts

Protect Property with a Carport

July 16, 2014By 0 Comments

Anyone who lives in a southern climate knows the havoc that the bright sun can wreak on their vehicle’s surface finish. It can be a frustrating experience to watch as a car or truck becomes faded and dull from the glaring rays of the natural sun. There are covers and wraps that may prove helpful […]

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SodaStream #BubblesMyWay Twitter Party!

June 18, 2014By 0 Comments

Summer time is for patios, gathering friends and family, good times and good fun! Enjoy your summer with soda the way you like it. The SodaStream system makes it happen! Designed with your tastes in mind, you can make delicious soda in seconds at the press of a button with your regular tap water! Find […]

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Updated #HealthyMadeEasy @BurnbraeFarms Omega Plus Twitter Party

June 12, 2014By 1 Comment

Around here, eggs are something we eat nearly everyday if not multiple times in one day. Baking doesn’t generally get listed on the “healthy” side of things but there are so many ways to help turn your not so healthy baked goods into delicious and healthy options! Now with the release of Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Omega […]

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How to Install Aluminum Railing

May 23, 2014By 0 Comments

Railing can be a beautiful addition to any home or office on the inside or out. Not only can it add a decorative flare to a yard or stairway, but it serves a very functional purpose as well. Along steps or an elevated area, railing helps to keep people safe by giving them a place […]

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When Parenting Hits That Tough Spot

May 11, 2014By 3 Comments

Parenting, something we all know is hard but also something that can be truly inspiring. Sadly, it seems parenting is more likely to hit the hard spots more often which leaves many of us hitting that tough spot of utter exhaustion. I am a parent who has hit the tough spot so many times it […]

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