15 Days Until Christmas – Kill Me Now! 7

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Bite Me Christmas!It is hard to believe Christmas is only fifteen days away. Am I excited? No. Does it feel like Christmas? Not at all. We are now 15 days away from the joyous holiday and guess who hasn’t started shopping yet?

>>>This girl<<<

I hate Christmas.

That’s right. I said the forbidden. I do not like Christmas at all. It is a holiday that has been construed so much that the joy of it has been sucked right out of its little self. Christmas used to have so much meaning, but now… it can bite me, three times over.

With my joyous hatred for Christmas leaves me dreading the pointless headaches at the local shopping centers and the unwanted building of the bright, headache inducing tree. Add some awful Christmas music to the mix and I am longing to blow my brains out.

Bring on the Grinch

No, I am not a grinch. I do not instil my hatred for Christmas onto my children or those around me. I put on that picture perfect smile and hum along with the ear bleeding Christmas tunes. I force my children into going and seeing the big fat man in the smelly suit. WeeMan whines the whole way because he really does not want to sit on that guys lap, and I don’t blame him but I make him do it for that yearly photograph that my family loves.

Benefit of going to Florida for Christmas, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. There is no snow, no ice, no cold. It is just down right hot and sunny. Down here, I can escape the holidays especially if I don’t venture out into the world. Sure, there is Christmas music playing everywhere we go. I am however distracted by all the amusing things surrounding me like the chick in hot pink stretchy pants screaming to be let free or the child beating the crap out of their mother’s leg because they HAVE to have that toy or their world is going to implode.

Down here, life is so different. The things I see, have me chuckling inside for days. Sure I may talk weird to the folks around these parts and come off as a little too white but they crack me up three times more then I do them.

Now, back to me not being the grinch.

The Meaning of Christmas My Arse!

Alright, I admit I am a holiday hoo hum. If I could sleep all through Christmas I would, but I do love seeing the happiness on my children’s faces as they rip open their presents and soon whine & have fits because there is nothing more to open. Christmas is fun when you got kids, but beyond that it is just a day family suck it up and hang out all day when in reality everyone just wants to shoot themselves.

My family, we stopped the Christmas gathering several years ago. Now that my Great Grama has passed it seems like less and less I am invited to anything. Let’s just say the family has disowned myself & my children because well, that’s how they are. Thankfully, my Mom is nothing like them and puts all her heart into my kids lives. My awesome Aunt will be down for New Years in Florida at least. She is the one family member who actually tries to be apart of our lives and you know it by how my kids get rip roaring excited their Aunt is coming for a visit.

Christmas to me, has minimal joy. Sure, it’s a day we are suppose to be praising the Lord for everything he’s given us and worshiping his birth. Look around people, all I see is a fat fake Santa & kids hopped up on candy canes. That is not joyous to me at all. Funerals have more meaning then Christmas now a days. At least at a funeral we are reflecting on the things that person has done and being thankful we had them in our lives, unlike Christmas where the Lord isn’t even acknowledged in the world because we may offend someone.

Whatever happened to the meaning of Christmas? That fat guy in a suit gives me the creeps yet here we are making him the center point of our holiday? Ya. That’s a wee bit screwed up don’t cha think?

This year, our Christmas will be small & peaceful. Papa will fly down to Florida and we will spend the holiday with my parents. None of my siblings will be in attendance. No extended family. Just us. We won’t be cooking a thing. We will wake up Christmas morning, open the presents (the few that we will have) and enjoy our day together. Bob Evans will cater our meal because why cook a feast? We are on holidays! Beyond that, Christmas will remain quiet and fingers crossed Christmas carol free!

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7 thoughts on “15 Days Until Christmas – Kill Me Now!

  • orangeheromama

    oh my gosh Christine! 2 peas in a pod i tell ya!!!
    Only i only absolutely WISH i could escape to florida!!
    my family has all dis-banded too 🙁 I suppose I am okeedoke with that though!

    Hope you’re having an AMAZING time!!

  • SoberJulie

    Yup, I’m pretty much there with you. Ok I’m a sucker for all things Chrismassy but I’m overwhelmed by it this year. The message that Jesus was born on Christmas day IS being lost in the commercialism. So many nonbelievers have adopted it as a Hallmark holiday (which is fin) but those who believe must take time to worship and truly be grateful…..oh and I’m going to be visiting a church in Florida so if ya wanna join… 😉

  • Christine

    Christine, your post made me laugh because I can totally HEAR you as though you were telling us this in person and I could visualize the facial expressions and hand gestures 🙂

    I agree that Christmas has become far too commercial. That part I dislike. However, I still love the feeling of Christmas and being with my loved ones. I love how my daughter’s eyes are filled with excitement when she sees her cousins (whom she only sees maybe twice a year).

  • Jennifer

    bah humbug! lol just kidding,I adore the holidays and we don’t really have family to celebrate it with either, but that’s okay. I just wish it would snow!

  • Mommy Outside

    Oh this makes me so sad! For years I found Christmas the most stressful time of year, because my family made it so. I was forced to buy Christmas presents for everyone whether I could afford it or not and spend and entire day with a house of people who love to bicker and fight. They actually thrive on it. But the true meaning of Christmas never left my heart and I just stopped spending the holiday with people who sucked the joy out of it for me. Now I have my own family and am making new traditions and creating stress is not one of them.

    I completely agree that Christmas has become far too commercial, but so has everything else in life so I really just ignore that part of it as best I can and focus on my family and what Christmas really means to me!