2013 Chevy Malibu Review – @PTPA #PTPAInsider

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There are some vehicles that are great while others that are not. MommyMatter.com had the luxury of testing out the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu to determine if this vehicle was apart of the great group or the ‘not’ group. Being a family that owns larger sized vehicles we knew we’d be very critical instantly of the Malibu. We know cars can be designed to be small but big at the same time, and this was something we were really hoping we’d experience with the Malibu.

First things first, if you’re used to driving a larger sized vehicle watch your head. For the first few days of driving the Malibu I smacked my head upon entry every time. Now, this is not me saying the design was bad, this is me just giving you a warning. I am an epic klutz and knew it would happen just not as often as it did. My first impression of the vehicle as a whole was, wow. The outer appearance was slick. Chevy really took the design serious when designing this vehicle. We had the Malibu with a pearl/white paint colour and loved it. It literally sparkled and never looked dirty, even when it should have.

Now we all know no vehicle is perfect and there is always going to be something we may or may not like. These are our own personal likes and dislikes, which may be completely different to the things you’ll like or dislike. Don’t judge the vehicle by our opinion, as these are our opinions and no one else’s.

The Malibu Likes 

We thought we’d talk about the things we liked about the Malibu first. There were quite a few things we really did enjoy. The dash had these blue lights going from the drivers side over to the passenger side that we loved. These lights helped put a subtle hue of light into the vehicle making it easier to see at night but not be overpowered by light. The media console also was a great addition. You had the ability to control it by the screen, the buttons on the console or the buttons on the steering wheel. It was nice having multiple options for controls.

Another thing that we liked was the sizing of the trunk. The trunk space exceeded what we would of expected from a family sedan. You had enough space for a whole weeks worth of groceries, plus a few of those necessary items that live in many Mom vehicles (you know, strollers, diaper bags, etc.)

The overall space inside the vehicle was quite pleasant. Everyone had enough room to feel comfortable and still be able to have every seat in the car with someone in it.

One of the best things about the Chevy Malibu, is the gas mileage. Now this is something I am personally very picky with. I expect newer vehicles to have amazing gas mileage and the Chevy Malibu did. Between doing highway and city driving, I had the ability to get just over 900km’s on a tank of gas. Hello?! 900kms?

That is almost unheard of now a days. This instantly made me fall in love with the car.

Hidden compartments? Oh ya the Malibu has those. Behind the big fancy media screen and also in the centre console. Was great having somewhere for everything I keep in the vehicle.

The Malibu Dislikes 

Some of the things we had some issues with include:

  • Placement of driver cupholders
  • Location of sunroof and sunroof controls
  • Minimal lumbar support
  • Too much distraction

Okay, I know we are being a little picky but these are things we’d look at when purchasing a vehicle. The cup holders in the Malibu seemed very awkward to us. They sat back further then expected and were hard to maneuver as the driver. Now, I’d like to point out I am someone who sits straight up and proper. I don’t lean back or slouch, not in the slightest. I have enough back pains, don’t need my driving habits to hurt it more.

Now, the sunroof was something that drove us mad. Sure, it is great for those sitting in the back seat but what about us beautiful ladies in the front? It sits a little far back that the front passengers don’t benefit from it any. Being someone who does a lot of driving alone I would of loved it versus my empty back seat getting all that beautiful sun. Now, as for those controls good luck with them while driving. I would of loved to have seen these on the front dash somewhere so I could open the sunroof without having to take my eyes off the road.

Yes, the lumbar support drove me up the wall. I am a difficult driver when it comes to how I am seated. When driving the Malibu I ended up with back pain after about 45 minutes of driving. It was saddening. I attempted to adjust the lumbar support and the overall position of the drivers seat and never had luck. This would instantly lose the sale as I require a vehicle that can cater to my very annoying back.

This is something that was hard for me, distractions. With the centre console being nothing but buttons and a fancy screen displaying my lovely music I was constantly being distracted. Limiting distractions is something I try my hardest at. I don’t text or talk on phone while driving ever. I don’t want to be able to read the titles of every song that pops up on the radio either. Personally, I would have a hard time driving the Malibu all the time and especially with my children with the amount of distractions it has. My children are bad enough as is, don’t need more! I did LOVE the media console, just didn’t like that it would pull my eyes away from the road. I am a what I like to think ‘responsible’ driver still, don’t want to wreck myself just yet.

Would We Say Buy This Car? 

Now, this answer may shock you… yes we say buy this car if you can get past the little annoyances we experienced. Many people wouldn’t be bothered by the cupholder locations and how far back the sunroof is. We know many aren’t phased by lumbar support as well. Now, the distraction aspect I do hope you’d be smart and not play with things while driving but we know we sure did love it.

There are so many positives over negatives when it comes to the Malibu that it is a vehicle worth every penny. It has so much to offer its drivers that yes we do recommend it. We wouldn’t personally buy because of our own personal preferences but maybe down the road we’d reconsider. I did fall in love with my little Mally! It was a great car to review and yes I was sad to see it go but happy to not have back pain while driving again.

Our Conclusion 

Malibu, great car. Has its pros, has its cons. You just have to go test it out for yourself! Is the Chevy Malibu a car that catches your eye? Tell us what your favourite thing is about the 2013 Chevy Malibu! 


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