7 Ways to Decorate Your Garden for Easter 2

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Though Easter is the herald of spring, nature doesn’t always seem to know it. Trees are bare, flowers are sparse and it’s still cold outside. So for these bleak winter gardens here’s my favorite ways to┬ádecorate a garden for Easter. As for more spunky gardens that have started to bloom already… well, they will look all the more spunky with these Easter decorating tips. So let’s start spreading some delightful mischief.

“Funny Bird Brains” Easter Garden Decor

Seating a row of funny looking Easter birds on the bare branch of tree creates an amusing sight. At a craft store or home decor store look for funny looking Easter birds whose bodies looks like eggs. With dangling legs or funny tails, these Easter garden decorations will add color and spunk to a bleak area.

“Basket Case Tree” Easter Garden Decor

Imagine a bare tree decorated with small baskets filled with colorful eggs. What a charming sight. To decorate your garden for Easter using the basket case tree idea, I recommend looking for affordable handle baskets at craft or fabric stores. Make sure the basket is shallow and buy straw as well. Stuff each basket with straw, then add homemade painted eggs or colorful plastic eggs.

“Elegant Egg Lights” Easter Garden Decor

Look online for in-door / out-door egg lights that you can hang over your porch, around trees and bushes or over a garden trellis.

“Funny Bunny” Easter Garden Decor

Move over garden gnomes, funny bunnies are the best choice for decorating your garden for Easter. I recommend visiting the garden center of cheap department stores (rather than home improvement stores, which are more expensive). Even large drug stores are likely to have funny bunny garden bargains. Spray paint the bunnies in pink or yellow, if they come in plain hues. Then scatter them around your garden to add spots of color to your landscaping.

“Chiming Butterflies” Easter Garden Decor

Wind chimes are ideal for Easter, when the last winter winds are still blowing. And what could be more beautiful than butterfly wind chimes? If you already own a few wind chimes, consider adding plastic butterflies to them from a craft store or even a toy store. Use craft wire to attach the butterflies to the wind chimes and decorate your garden for Easter by hanging many wind chimes through your landscape.

“Funny-eyed Balls” Garden Decor

Gazing globes, which are large balls of colored glass, make beautiful landscape additions that you can tweak for Easter. I recommend buying a few yellow and pink gazing balls. Then, at a craft store, buy extra-large googly eyes and stick them to your gazing suns. Decorate your garden for Easter by spreading these funny-eyed balls in unexpected places.

“Bird Tree” Garden Decor

I love the look of bird houses, especially for decorating my garden for Easter. At a craft store you’ll find affordable little unfinished bird houses. Buy several and spray paint them in yellows and pinks. Drill a hole through the top of each house, thread in a silk ribbon folded in half, tie a knot inside the house (by pulling the ribbon out the “door”), then use the loop you created to hang the house from a tree. In this way you can decorate your garden’s trees or bushes with many tiny Easter houses.

Looking for more gardening ideas? Check out MommyMatter‘s Gardening section that is jam packed full of gardening tips.

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Decorate Your Garden for Easter

  • Elli Davis

    I think I may try your tip with basket case tree, I can imagine it must look beautiful. I am just afraid I may be too lazy to get baskets before it is too late (it already is too late!)

  • liz

    I have some decorative “stakes” that go in a bed out front for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Craft fairs are the best for good finds like that.