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We are back into that season again, the back to school season. Of course alongside back to school we are also entering the back to germs season. Passing germs is so simple when in a school environment and something our children do on a daily basis, whether intensional or not. Since we are big germaphobs we thought we’d help you guys avoid your family falling ill and give some tips on how to prevent the spread of germs!

Back to School Germs Begin 

When it is back to school, it is back to sharing many things including pencils, papers and the many germs surrounding these items. Yep, it’s September again!

Our children are back to being exposed to germs every day and many of these germs can cause unwanted illness in our homes.

Surprisingly, the average children gets at least 12 colds a year, and in our household I feel our numbers triple that with our poor immune systems. It is very unlikely to not have at least one sick child in a class at all times, whether its a cough, sniffles or a full out cold.

This means, the germs are there and they are probably here to stay.

So you are probably thinking I send my kids wearing a surgical mask and gloves. I wish! But no. I’d rather them get the colds then be walking around all germ freaked. There are ways we avoid catching these bugs flying around and it is actually pretty simple for every child to do!

Keep Them Paws Clean 

Hands are one of the dirtiest parts of the human body. Gross. (looks at hands in disgust). They transfer the most bacteria between people and they encounter the most bacteria as well. Since our hands are the entrance to germs it is important to have hand washing going on regularly. In our school, there is hand sanitizer everywhere.

It can be hard to get an entire class to wash their hands in the bathroom before lunch and nutrition break so the classes have hand sanitizer accessible to all students.

Hand washing is something every child should understand how to do and how to do it right. If hands aren’t washed correctly, it is just a pointless venture. Since it is important to understand how to wash your hands, we thought we’d share a great technique for sparkly clean hands!

Hand Washing Technique 

  • Wet hands with water
  • Lather hands with soap
  • Rub hands together vigorously for 30-60 seconds
  • Rub every surface of your hands including backs, wrists, fingers and under fingernails
  • Rinse well
  • Use a clean towel for drying
  • Use towel to turn off faucet

Pretty simple and important to do lots throughout the day. When your kids arrive home from school, get them to wash up. We also change our clothes from school clothes to at home clothes to minimize the spread of germs being carried on their outfits. I am not joking when I saw we have bad immune systems, and this Mama has the worst one. I catch everything.

Out of School Offenders 

Yep, school is not the only place germs are lurking. There are places everywhere jam packed full of germs. Since I’ve given myself the hebegebe’s on germs, I thought I’d share!

Some of the worst spots for germs are:

  • ATM Buttons (worse then a public bathroom door) – avoid the germs by using a pen to push buttons, allowing you to avoid keypad all together, or do like me and just go into a teller!
  • Public surfaces including shopping carts, payphones (do they even have those still?!), pens used for signing credit card slips. Keep hand sanitize on you so you can burn away the yuck!
  • Kitchen sinks – yep, the centerpoint of your kitchen can be worse then a toilet bowl or garbage can. Disinfecting regularly can help minimize the germs. Personally I disinfect mine daily.

Avoiding germs is pretty much impossible without living in a bubble. You can try, but good luck! Help keep your family healthy and keep your hands clean. You’d be amazed in the difference of amount of colds that go through your home with regular hand washing.

What routine does your family take to keep the germs away? Share with us!

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8 thoughts on “Back to School Germs

  • Katrina Brady

    It’s actually amazing how many people don’t know the proper way to wash their hands. It’s also disgusting to see how many people don’t bother to wash their hands after using a bathroom. It IS the number one way of spreading germs. Thanks for this post!

  • Mommy Outside

    Encouraging hand washing is the number one way to help prevent the spread of germs. Hand sanitizers are handy in a pinch but are quite ineffective compared to soap and warm water.

    Covering your mouth with your arm when coughing is also a great practice to teach kids. And DO NOT share anything that goes into your mouth!

  • pam

    We are avid hand washers and sanitizer users (well, maybe not so much my son, but the girls are really good). I just bought them sanitizers to hang off their backpacks. Yup, I am that mom. lol!