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Well, we are officially back into the school year and let’s just say… it is nice to have some peace & quiet. I’d like to say I’ve relaxed and such since the kids started school but that is definitely not the case. Since they started school, I’ve been running around like crazy attempting to get caught up on all the things I ignored all summer. Lots! Haven’t slept much either as I work in the evenings since I am unable to get online during the day excessively.

Thankfully, Sears Canada helped me out a lot this year with back to school shopping. I am a newb at the whole back to school shopping process. I don’t usually go buy a load of new clothes, backpacks or anything. I just don’t do it. This year however, the kids were strutting to school in some fancy digs.

Now, around here my kids dress three times better than I do. Why? Because I am a Mom. I don’t care how I look, people are judging me on the appearance of my kids. My kids, they fly! WeeMan has always been a very well dressed man, it’s mandatory. BabyGirl, now she has a mind of her own. Her attire is sometimes very comical.

Sears Canada Makes Back to School Shopping Fun

Alright, sure we are all back into the school routine now. Does that mean back to school shopping is over? Definitely not! Back to school shopping I feel carries on all through September, well until the Halloween decorations appear…wait, I already saw those in July… theory no longer works! Back to school shopping happens all throughout September while we are all getting settled back in. Random supplies pop up, outfits get wrecked, backpacks get torn. Let’s face it, kids are hard on things.

This school year, I headed right to Sears. They had some of the best prices for what I was needing! When I went in, I knew what I was looking for and what I needed.

Proper, not crazy outfits for BabyGirl. No tutus. No frilly pants. No cartoon covered T-shirts. Proper, pretty clothes.


Sears had everything I wanted for BabyGirl. With her size being tiny, tiny, tiny I tend to gear towards skinny jeans for her. She doesn’t like just plain old blue jeans… of course. Guess what I found? Bright yellow skinny jeans! Score. Into the cart with you. Did you know it is actually quite easy to match shirts with bright yellow pants. Not even minutes later we found 2 other shirts that went with these fancy pants perfectly. High five to me.

WeeMan went off with Daddy for his back to school clothes. Why? Because I do not have patience to test out every fabric, check the seams if they’ll be itchy and I 100% refuse to buy shirts with cartoon characters or anything on them. Daddy of course loves them, so they went together. They lucked out and came back with one Mommy approved shirt and pants.

They did of course return with a Batman tshirt, which I let slide because I do love Batman and it fit him nicely.

Brands We Love, Long Time!

Growing up, my parents shopped at Sears, my grandparents, everyone. It was where you went to get the best clothes. Of all the brands Sears sell, my favourite is Nevada. The jeans from Nevada are the best. I’ve yet to wear out a pair of Nevadas and that goes for my kids as well. Being a bit of a “hipster” Mom, I too love Converse. WeeMan still has his first pair of Converse shoes and the clothing is awesome.

Sears sells a lot of brands including:

  • Nevada/MD
  • Newberry
  • Girl Confidential
  • Nike
  • Hello Kitty
  • Converse
  • North Peak
  • Carter’s
  • Seven
  • TrimFit

These are just a few of the clothing brands available at Sears! If you’re a fan of Sears I highly recommend heading over to the Sears Facebook Page! They have tons of great offers and promotions, and contests!

Back We Go Sears Contest

Right now, Sears has an awesome contest going on. You can enter for a chance to win one of five weekly $500 Sears gift card prizes, and 35 daily $50 Sears gift cards to put towards your back to school shopping! To enter the contest, “like” the Sears Facebook page at and click on the contest tab. Click on the entry form and enter your information!

“Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Back to School Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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