Backseat Massacre – WeeMan Pulled an Uncle Brian 1

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Well, as you all know we were heading to Florida on Friday. We made it Saturday around 2pm and let’s just say we were originally suppose to arrive around 10am with our originally planned stops. Our drive was a very eventful drive.

Annette and I were quite determined to get down here. We planned on driving right through the night, which we did. We figured both kids would sleep right through the night as well as the dog. The dog was the best traveller of existence. He slept. The poor dog, because he’s been trained not to go to the bathroom while on leash refused to go to the bathroom the entire drive. We felt very bad for him, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Now, you may be wondering why this post has inherited the title Backseat Massacre… let me take you into our world of driving to Florida.

The beginning of our drive wasn’t bad at all. Both kids sat nicely, no fussing or anything. It was perfect. BabyGirl was asleep, WeeMan of course was not. We stopped for dinner and attempting to get dog to go to bathroom. Awesome, everyone back in the truck so we can continue.

About 2 hours later, WeeMan started complaining he wasn’t feeling good. Alright, let’s stop, go to bathroom and get some fresh air. We were of course driving through the mountains of West Virginia at this point so it is a very loopy drive. Don’t know why they can’t make them roads straight.

It was completely pitch dark now. About 11pm at night. We are up in the mountains, an area that has no possible way to stop on the side of the highway because it is just far too dangerous. Doesn’t WeeMan decide he is now sick, and he is REAL sick. We can’t stop. We can’t slow down. We are stuck.

Now, we didn’t think ahead for a situation like this. WeeMan is now puking, in the back and we are screwed. I jump all the seats to get to him and discover that this mess will require a stop. Now, when I say I am jumping over seats I am attempting this while we are driving through roads that go left to right in a matter of seconds, at 115km’s an hour. Thank goodness there is a rest area in the next few miles. Poor Harley was not pleased I was back there. I was taking over his spot attempting to get WeeMan to settle as he is now very upset and feeling sorry for puking on everything. And by everything, I mean every little thing but himself.

Annette keeps disposable poncho’s in her car just in case we have to do something outside of the vehicle while raining. Ponchos are also awesome for placing items covered in yuck when you don’t think to pack garbage bags or ANYTHING. The rest stop we stopped at got the brute of the yuck as I shook everything out onto the driveway.

We figured between WeeMan being exhausted, and dealing with motion sickness he’d be better in the middle row of the truck. Time to switch the kids around as we had one in the back and one in the middle with the dog. Once I cleaned the truck as best as I could we continued on our way to Florida.

With WeeMan now in the middle, BabyGirl in the back we figured we’d be good to go. Well, this theory was incorrect. We let WeeMan have some water in attempt to keep him hydrated. Another VERY BAD idea. This water, now crucified the middle row as well. Great, now we have to stop again but of course we are going through the tunnels in Virginia so WE CAN’T. Ugh.

Once we were out of the tunnel we pulled over, cleaned up as much as we could again. Used up the last of the clean beach towels we had and fingers crossed he isn’t sick anymore. We were now too petrified to let him have anything. Glad he also didn’t want to put anything into his body knowing he is likely to be sick.

By 3:30am, I took over driving so Annette could get some shut eye. My driving made her unable to sleep long. I am not a bad driver, but I am still a new driver so yes, my passengers get a little nervous thinking we may all die. I only drove for a few hours and Annette took back over after she was feeling refreshed.

Let’s just say, I was pretty much in a daze while driving I was so tired. By the time we reached Florida, Annette and I were walking zombies. We stayed up for over 36 hours straight and when we got to Florida we decided we’d stay up until bed time. I lasted until 7:30pm.

WeeMan was sick upon arrival and went to bed shortly after arriving. He woke up for a bit before dinner but still refused to eat and was in bed by 6pm. No fight here! Thank goodness after a good nights rest and breakfast he is all better now.

If you’re doing a big drive with your kids, or even without, I highly recommend packing every item you may need if someone is going to have a backseat massacre. Bucket, towels, crackers and gravol. I would also recommend ensuring you have extra clothes! We did but he not once hit his clothing, just ours.

Let’s just say, a shower never felt so good until I had one last night, and I scrubbed for a good 20 minutes trying to not feel like I smelled of puke anymore. Annette is getting a detailing on her truck this week. I cleaned it upon arrival and it’s been airing out in the garage since we got here.

Did I tell you, WE MADE IT TO FLORIDA!! We are here for just over a month and I will officially be working pool side. Anyone want to send me a protective cover for our computers? Thinking someone’s may take a pool dive if we aren’t too careful!

FYI – I would like to dedicate this post to Uncle Brian, and he knows why. Don’t feel bad anymore buddy, you aren’t the only one who’s done the exorcism vomit now!

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One thought on “Backseat Massacre – WeeMan Pulled an Uncle Brian

  • Cathy C

    To funny I have driven Ontario to Florida at least 8 times and 2x to Myrtle Beach and 1x to PEI Kids were young for first ones I hear you Luckily I am a total over packer for all emergenices. I used to fly with my 2 young kids (without hubby) to FLorida and learned BE PREPARED! Have a great time in Florida!