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I am not one to generally post on major events, but this is one I became very excited about and have the honour to review one of Staples awesome office chairs. Being that I work from home, online I need an excessively comfortable yet very functional chair to incorporate into my everyday life. Now, any of my friends know the past few months I’ve been a bit of a virtual flake and one of the root problems was my office chair. It was painful to sit for hours.

Thanks to Staples Canada and their fabulous Big Chair Event which is running May 22nd to June 2nd, I have the chance to review one of their chairs and got the chance to get personal assistance finding the perfect chair. When I walked into the store, I was instantly greeted by the store manager Tim who introduced me to my chair pro Sarah. Now, when it comes to going into stores for one on one assistance I don’t normally have my children. Sarah was amazing for not only her patience but understanding with my children. They tested out all the chairs right alongside me, which was sending my nerves for a whirl but thankfully she had the patience I lack!

A+ Staples Customer Service

Customer service is one thing that gets me buying. If a store doesn’t have top of the line customer service I am very unlikely to pull out my wallet for big purchases. Even if I know I really need the item. When I bought my iMac I went to multiple stores before I got the customer service I wanted to purchase. Every location had it, but the customer service sucked. Our local Staples has always had amazing customer service. A few of their employees I went to highschool with so I of course get a little added personal service and chit chat.

Staples is now my go to place for all things technical and caffeinated. They’re what I call, my sanity store for all things business. Our local location recently moved to a new store location and I love their new layout; and the location is easier to get too.

Big Chair Event Makes Waves

The Big Chair Event going on at Staples is absolutely amazing. That $300 chair you’ve wanted for months is now $100 off and so many other amazing prices on all their chairs, even the accent chairs that I love.

Staples provided me with a brand new office chair to review and it is my new favourite chair.

The event runs until June 2nd and many of their chairs are a $100 off, plus get added Air Miles points with your purchase! If you’re an Air Miles collector like us this is a great bonus for you.

Staples Serta High Back Managers Chair Review

There are a few things I look for now when office chair shopping. Lumbar support, adjustable arm height and extra padding. When I work, I can find myself at my desk for upwards of 10 hours as when I work, it is a month of work all in one day. 

At the store, this chair was my instant love. It was like finding my soul mate in chairs. The level of comfort it has is jaw dropping. I had no clue they could make chairs as comfortable as this one. It has been a lot of years since I bought an office chair, and now my old one that I did love is sitting in my porch neglected.

The chair has been designed with memory foam on both the seat and back cushions as well as height and width adjustable arms that also have soft arm pads. The arms are freaking comfortable!!!

There is the option to have Staples build and deliver you chair, but me being what many would call impatient, I didn’t get this service but know of others who have and they loved it. Staples will build your chair and bring it to your home for you! Building my chair was very easy and straight forward. I may be a lady, but I have manly abilities! I build just about everything around here with my manly skills!

Worried your chair may get broken? Get the additional warranty. It is worth it. Anything, literally anything goes wrong on your chair, simply contact Staples and they will make it all better for you, without you having to load up your chair and run to your local store. Best warranty package ever.

Serta High Back Managers Chair Details

Upholstered in soft Black Bonded Leather on all seating surfaces

  • Height and width adjustable arms with soft upholstered arm pads
  • Multifunction seat plate with three paddles
  • Memory foam on seat and back cushions conforms and adjusts to your body’s unique curves
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • Heavy-duty base with dual wheel casters
  • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

The reviews on this chair just prove how awesome it really is. I am not the only one who agrees. You can check out other customer reviews on the Serta High Back Managers Chair product page. It is a great chair for many different uses.

If you’re in need of a new office chair, head on over to your local Staples store to find the perfect chair for you. Ask one of their amazing associates to help you, you’ll be delighted on their A+ customer service. Need to find a location near you? Find location here.

Thank you Staples Canada for including us in this awesome event! Seriously guys, go check them out. There are some amazing chairs at even better prices. What are some things you look for when picking out an office chair? Am I the only picky one around here?

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7 thoughts on “#BigChairEvent at Staples Canada!

  • Memumof2

    I’ve been watching the Staples website for this chair to go on sale. I loved the chair in the store but it was out of my budget so I waited patiently. I’m pretty sure it was priced around $250 before the sale. During the sale, the price was listed at $299.99 with $100 off. So, they increased the price before the sale? Guess I’ll keep waiting for a real sale.

  • Jenn

    I agree customer service can make or break a purchase. I hate it when people don’t have time for you. I need to start thinking about a chair and a desk. Currently I work on the arm of my couch. Not the best posture!

  • Coffee with Julie

    I too work all day in my chair. I like a high back one as well, and very straight. No squishiness. I was in Staples just the other day and now I know why there were some people very keenly looking at the chairs – $100 off is a great deal!

  • Candace

    As someone who sits at their desk all day I can tell you the chair you have is important. I used to have this very stylish wooden one. After a sore back and neck I went to Staples and picked up a comfy black chair. Best thing I ever did.