Bon Bons, Soaps & Stilettos – The Life of a Stay at Home, Work at Home Mom… 7

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Okay, you can stop killing me with your eyes now. For all you other stay at home, work from home Moms I hope you caught my subtle sarcasm in the title! If you didn’t, then you can stop killing me with your virtual glares and eye rolls.

Over the years of being both a stay at home Mom and a work from home Mom I’ve got the many questions and rude comments of how awesomely easy my life must be. The lines “I don’t understand why you’re so tired, you must just play on Facebook & watch TV all day.” Okay, sure I am on Facebook a lot but not for the reasons many others are. Did you know you can get paid to play on Facebook? Oh ya baby! Well, only because I am a social media marketer and it is apart of a job of mine.

Computers = Best Friend!

Most days, I sit. I sit behind a computer with my geeky black rimmed glasses on with a coffee to my left, a snack to my right and 3 computers surrounding me. Sounds like a riot doesn’t it? My days do not involve bon bons, well only because I have no idea what those are but would LOVE to know. I don’t watch soap operas or TV for that matter. Stilettos, ya not happening! I got Energizer Bunny slippers to keep my poor circulated feet warm.

Annette and I both work from home. She is lucky enough to no longer have kids living at home to pick up after, but her husband isn’t much different. If anything he’s messier then what we were. Okay, I may live next door but I try to keep my messes minimal over there. I have two kids still living under my roof. Only approximately 12 years until they move out, but who’s counting?

Long Days, Long Hours… 

One thing many misunderstand about our days, is how exhausting they actually are. Annette is up by 530am, everyday. She wakes up with her evil brown dog because her husband is lacking the skill of letting him out to the bathroom. By 7am, she’s out for a walk with said dog after she’s snagged a shower after her man child has left for work. 7:25am, she’s dealing with me for a morning coffee/gossip session. 8am, off to work she goes in her fancy little office.

My day, well I do not start as early as Annette. I am up at 7am, showering by 7:02am and getting dressed by 7:10am so I can get the kids eating breakfast and escape for a quick coffee/gossip session before I must make lunches and start my morning nagging. By 8:45am my work day begins.

Now, you may be thinking how hard can it be to run a website. Guess what ladies & gents, this is not our jobs. MommyMatter is our hobby but we both have jobs online as well. I work for 2 different companies, sometimes 3, sometimes 10. Really depends on the month. Annette also works for companies I work with. On average I am working 60-70 hours a week. Annette isn’t as much as me, but she also spends a great deal of time researching articles for me for this website and other ideas that I come up with and don’t have the time to do.

Our jobs are very mentally exhausting. I am constantly having to do analysis after analysis and use my brain beyond belief. If I am not analyzing things, I am writing things or doing some Internet marketing junk to hopefully not upset Google for a few more weeks. Between my jobs, I don’t stop. Annette, well she gets the shit end of the stick. She does the work I don’t want to do because I just hate it, but thankfully she enjoys it.

Pets Do Talk… 

Being a work from home Mom is not all you may think it is. On top of our actual jobs, we have to cook meals, do laundry, take care of children & man children, maintain the pets and attempt to squeeze in some sanity. We don’t generally associate with other human beings as both of us don’t have many friends. Most of my friends live far away so random hang outs are few and far between. Annette & I attempt to keep eachother sane, but when you combine two insane chicks in one room you do discover us talking to pets. Her dog does talk back, just in a different language that I’ve yet to master. Did I mention my Hubby isn’t even here half the time so I manage my home solo, ya… that is another stress in itself.

We don’t understand why many think we sit around eating bon bons, watching soaps in our stilettos when half the time our days are beyond exhausting. If we included all the hours we spent maintaining our homes and families into our work hours, we’d be max’d out. I personally am up until almost 1am every night, Annette is smarter then me and goes to bed earlier but she is also up much earlier then me. I don’t sleep well as my brain never shuts off. Annette also deals with this and many of her ideas spark in her sleep which then wakes her up, and fingers crossed she remembers them so she can tell me in the AM.

Exhaustion Always Wins

The life of a stay at home, work at home Mom is 100% the most exhausting job on the face of the earth. We are criticized more. We are nagged at constantly. Days off, ya Not Happening. Sick days? Does hiding in a closet count? We don’t get paid for the days we take off just to experience life. We don’t have paid holidays, or holidays without kids for that matter unless Annette unwillingly takes the kids so I can escape.

We are sleep deprived, socially lacking, mind exhausted Moms. If it wasn’t for my sons teachers I’d talk to no one beyond Annette for weeks!

So, who thinks our lives are bon bons, soaps and stilettos? Want to trade lives for a day?

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7 thoughts on “Bon Bons, Soaps & Stilettos – The Life of a Stay at Home, Work at Home Mom…

  • Honey

    I’ll trade! At least you’ve slippers for your freezing feet. I always forget and just tuck ’em under a leg. 🙂 And, I’m ALWAYS wearing my stilletos….granted they’re worn with my jammies and my girls shove them onto my feet ’cause they’re “Sooooo preeety!” while I work at the computer …and my hair is always done because my 12 and 5 year old have decided they’ll use me for hair style practice with the curling iron. Oh…and did I mention how the scent of freshly made bonbons is overshadowed by the rank smell of burnt human ear? (A quarter to half of both ears have been burnt off.) Oh yeah…I’m sexy. As to soaps…I’m always watching them too. I’m constantly explaining to my youngest why our roosters keep jumping on another roosters’ wife. “Doesn’t he know she’s not his wife?!” was constantly asked of me until I told her chickens could have more than one husband or wife. Someone’s always cheatin on someone in the hen house. 🙂 And, all that time…yeah…we also homeschool, my youngest and oldest have therapy to do, I am constantly reading about spd and Auspergers, learning about homeopathy, herbs and essential oils as the kids have chemical sensitivies and allergies. Yeah…what do you do for fevers when Tylenol and Midol have corn in it and your kids have corn allergies? Bring out the willow bark! 🙂 I’ve all this time on my hands since I am making soap, shampoo, deodorant, growing our food, fermenting and sprouting it, making tinctures and all kinds of necessary stuff and running a business at the same time. Does peeing alone count as alone time? Cause if it does then I had alone time ..two weeks ago? Unless it counts when you close your eyes so you don’t see anyone…then earlier today. 🙂

    So…add my name to that list of folks who want to trade too please! I need some human resources to have my back when someone’s mean or rude to me.

    Ahh…I’ve had fun with this post! Thanks!

  • Sarah De Diego (Journeysof TheZoo)

    No comment.

    If I commented then I’d have to tell the story about how just.this.morning my dear husband told me and I quote “you don’t have a clue about business, people need answers and they can’t wait…”.

    My response; “ya, you’re right, I don’t know anything about business…”

    And if I told you that then I’d get very upset and need some bon bons because every Mother that stays home eats them all day.

    I think I just commented.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  • pam

    You are a true professional, Christine. I can’t imagine that some people don’t see that about you. Keep doing what you do lady, you are amazing!