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When it comes to children, you are always bombarded with things you have to figure out. Sometimes its how to get them to eat something they hate, other times its how to control their little attitudes. My daughter is one of those children that has the attitude of a 17 year old on a power trip. There are days it is all fine and dandy, but then it is back to princess mode.

My parents have friends that feel I am hard on my children. That I never stop nagging. That I am always correcting them. Now yes, I am a nag. I am always correcting them, but I am a parent determined to have my offspring not shoot up a school when they are 15 because they don’t know how to handle situations.

Thankfully, it is always the people that are not around often to experience the kids in full swing attitude mode, so they don’t actually know what my children are like beyond their behaving because there are guests. I am hard, and I am not going to stop. They are old enough to understand time outs, their actions and how to react to situations that make them want to snap necks. I’ve had arguments with people about it, and in the end they always give up because they know I will stand my ground on my parenting methods. I even offer them to watch my children for a few days so they can experience their true attitudes, but no one ever goes through with it. That ends the conversation usually instantly!

So, back to my 4 year old (going on 17) drama queen. BabyGirl has always been a bit of a hellion. She is a risk taker. She will do anything if it is interesting enough, but she is also the child who can’t entertain herself, will drive everyone completely batty and make your skin crawl with anger. She loves testing her boundaries and seeing how far she can push me before I lose it completely. She is the child that knows how to work her cuteness on anyone to make them go, oh isn’t she just precious. Guess what little girl, I know your ways, I too utilized those same tricks.

There are a lot of ways I conquer this princess attitude she has going on, but I never expect it to go away fully. Any time Hubby is gone to the US, there is a drastic change in attitudes around here. She is his Baby Girl and will always go running to him over me for anything. He is a little more, giving, then I am. He is also much more relaxed on discipline then I can handle. I don’t care if I am putting them in time out constantly, eventually they get the hint and behave. Currently Hubby is gone, and the princess battles are not as severe. She has actually been pretty good, other then her following her big brother around constantly and making him want to scream.

How to Conquer the Princess Attitude 

Let’s just say, I am not an expert. My methods work with my daughter and may not work with your own. So don’t take these to heart!

Full Blown Princess Mode 

Baby Girl’s full blown princess mode is when she curls up on the floor and cries, telling me I am mean and no one loves her. Oh ya, I already get this attitude. When she hits this point, I put her in her room and let her have it out. She will usually lie in there, crying into her pillow. I do not go in and try to make her stop crying. Nope, I ignore it. Don’t see the point giving her attention, when we both know it’s all she wants and using the wrong attitude to get it.

Spoiled Princess Mode 

This mode, always happens in public. ALWAYS. She doesn’t pull this with me too often, but always pulls it with Daddy until he gives in with embarrassment that she is acting this way. She usually starts with demanding the item, then starts giving her sassy I want mouth, and proceeds to screaming and making a scene that she wants it and doesn’t stop until she wins. When she pulls this with me, I usually leave completely and deal with her in the car, at which point she is now crying anyways. If other items were purchased for her earlier in the shopping trip, she also looses those items for acting like a spoiled brat.

Sassy Princess Mode 

Yes, there is a sassy princess mode. This is the mode she enters when she is not wanting to do what I’ve requested or eat something that I’ve cooked. She mouths off, gives me full blown 17 year old mouth and finds herself separated from us until she can return with proper attitude. I don’t tolerate mouth from a child. I am the parent. At 4 years old, decision making is usually up to picking out clothes or a snack. I am the boss. Time outs usually get her back into proper kid mode, but sometimes it takes quite a few before she figures it out.

Ignorant Princess Mode 

This is the princess mode that usually makes me want to scream and lash out. I do not like when a child ignores. This usually happens when it comes to cleaning rooms, picking up toys and just being plain old quiet. BabyGirl is pro at being ignorant. She pretends like she can’t hear me all the time, and finds herself sitting doing nothing until she can listen. If she is in trouble for not listening when requested to clean something up, that involves her brothers assistance and he’s been cleaning, she is left alone to finish while he goes and does something else. This goes both ways with my children. Ignorant mode is usually solved very quickly with a time out and apology to me for not listening.

As you can see, a lot of these princess modes are solved with time outs. She does spend a lot of time in time outs. When they were young, my Mom taught me consistency with them so life would be easier. Sure, there are days I am at wits ends, but that is when I take a Mommy break and walk away. Sadly, it is so common with most little girls to have these princess stages but everything is manageable with dedication. It goes the same with my son as well, who also has many similar attitude issues. I don’t tolerate nothing. They are old enough to understand their emotions and be corrected when used wrong. Now is the time.

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3 thoughts on “Conquering the Princess Attitude

  • Amanda

    Thank YOU! I too, am often criticized for this style of parenting. I call myself the “mean mom.” We tend to use variations of this with each of our kids, depending on what works best with each one and each stage of development we seem to be progressing through. Whatever works…

    Keep up the good work, it’s great to see articles like these, I don’t think enough people understand how much damage they are doing to their kids when they spend so much time trying to be their friends and letting the kids make the decisions, instead of the adults. Good for you!

  • Lisa (Fab Frugal Mama)

    In our house, we have time outs too… but if a child will not willingly take their time out, it’s tough to make them! We do a lot of talking through issues… why they can’t have everything they want and why they sometimes have to do things they don’t want to do. They eventually understand. Sometimes, as I learned from Alyson Schafer, you just have to pick them up and leave. Less negotiating (which, after numerous minutes, just inflames me), and more action (i.e. getting the heck out of dodge!!).

  • Annie @ It's just my life...

    I wish time outs worked at my house well they did for my older children but they definitely do not work for my youngest… special needs puts a different perspective on parenting at times. I am glad they work at your house!