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Being a Mom can be one of the most complicated things you ever do. From the 6am morning wake up calls to the 10pm “I want a drink” it seems like the life of a Mom never stops, literally. Since we are new and you’ve yet to get the chance to know us I of figured Later I’d take you through a day in the life of me, Christine!

My days generally start around 7:30am… JOY! The first thing I have to do is inspect the kids room for any unwanted “yucky” messes. My children are 2 and 3 years old, and my oh my have they taken terrible twos to the utmost. By 8am I’ve broken up 2-3 arguments, stopped a bowl of cereal from being thrown onto the floor and finished cleaning up what ever mess they decided to make in their rooms.

So, the beginning of my day is never a fun one, literally EVER! Let’s continue into my day.

By 10am the kids are usually settled into their daily activities, ie. screaming at the top of their lungs running up and down the halls, throwing a basketball up and down until it drives me mad, or lazing about looking out the window at the outer world. This means, yes! I can finally have a coffee and check my emails. Let me just add on a little note, I also work at home full time between 8 and 12 hours a day, I know… CRAZY.

I was the Welcome classic “single mom” for the past wholesale jerseys 3 years, but that’s finally changed and in came the man. We will call him, the Foreigner. He’s surely a great addition to the fam jam, even though I now have to cook and clean up after another person in hope that they don’t get too grumpy.

Alright, our life. It’s generally one of the Author most hectic days every day. By the end of my day my livingroom looks like a tornado went through it, the kitchen is a sticky disaster and don’t even ask about the bedrooms. My children have taken onto the wonderful habit of ripping every single toy out of their toy box and throwing them throughout the entire house! The worst part of it all, we share a house with my eldest brother and he isn’t too keen on children or toys, so I have usually 30 minutes to clean up everything before he gets home from his work day or I have another unhappy camper in the house.

So let’s get this straight. 2 kids, the Foreigner and the Brother… you’d think that was it, BUT NO! I also have a friend residing in our home who is a great help with the cheap nfl jerseys kids when I am working, but that’s also another mouth I feed, another load of laundry I do (don’t like others using my washer, afraid it will get broken and I can’t afford a new one!) OH, and that’s another person I tend to “mom” as well. Joys of being a Mom, that instinct overtakes everything.

Every single day I am on my toes from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Showers are something Scoop-financed I cherish when I get in them, and a true luxury is a hot meal! These are two things I rarely experience and am quite pleased when I do.

If I am not tending to a child I am catching up on work. If I’m not catching up on work or dealing with a child I am cleaning up a mess, cheap nba jerseys and if I’m not wholesale nfl jerseys doing any of those it’s probably 2am and I am catching a few hours of sleep before I am woken again at 730am. Do I want a pitty party? NO! I love my life. I love being a Mom. I especially love being a successful Mom, and the best part of it all… I get to do it every single day for the rest of their lives, or at least ??????? another 16 years before they get the boot out the door!

So, let’s end this to… Welcome to Mommy Matter! I can’t wait to get to know all of you and especially have a new place to vent out all the trials of being a full time, ?Eastern stay at home mom with a career!

This is the time of day I love my kids the most! Enjoy 🙂

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  • Nichola

    Well I love the site so far and I can vouch for it all and the washer I’ll go get my Mom and Dads again. LOVE YOU ALL