Drop the Worry Ball Book Review

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When it comes to books, I can be very picky on what I am reading. I am someone who will gap out into a book for hours if it is a good book but if it is bad, I won’t even finish it. Recently, I had the joyous opportunity of reading my very first “parenting” book. It would be classified as a parenting book, but I classify it as the best book I’ve ever read! I am not one to read parenting books, but the description on this one alone caught my attention and I couldn’t resist.

Drop the Worry Ball Book Review

This book, is by far a must have for ALL parents. At first I figured it was going to be one of those books that says, oh you are doing this wrong and should be doing it like this. Yep, I judged the book by its cover at first. Well guess what ladies and gents, it isn’t one of those kind of books. Nope. It is real, wise & true. When I was reading along all I could think about is “Wow, yep. I do that. OMG as if I do that”.

Who am I? I am a helicopter. I am a pesky annoying, nagging helicopter. Okay, no. The book didn’t call me this or even actually make me feel like I am. Throughout the book it takes you through life experiences of others and ways they could change their actions, and the results of those changes. Let’s just say, I gave a few a whirl and my headaches minimized drastically.

I never really realized the things I was doing until I read this book. It truly opened my eyes to how protective I am compared to how I was raised. The freedoms my children don’t have, yet I have endless. Now a days, it does seem parents are much more… in your face, when it comes to monitoring children. I am a partial helicopter Mom. Since reading this book, let’s just say I am sitting enjoying a FULL cup of coffee instead of having to reheat a hundred times before it is all gone.

Half the things I was doing, I didn’t realize I was doing. They weren’t bad habits, but they were unnecessary habits. Sure, our world may seem a lot more dangerous since my youngin days, but has it truly changed that much or is it just my brain telling me it has. There is nothing wrong with being a protective parent, but are we setting our children up for being unable to cope with failure? Failure is a key knowledge in life, it is something we will ALL experience but if we raise our children in fail free lives, how will they handle it… let’s just say, the results are not pretty.

Drop the Worry Ball really takes you through your thoughts. It gets you thinking and looking at habits. In no instance did I feel like a bad Mom with some of the examples. I didn’t even feel obligated to change how I handle my children, it just happened. I am one that really loves hearing other people’s parenting experiences and relating my styles to theirs, to an extent that is, and this book really opened my eyes to the things I never even thought about.

Since reading this book, I have recommended to quite a few parents with children of all ages. The book hasn’t been wrote for a specific age group, it takes you through all the levels of childhood. It is something I will always be happy I read, knowing I am not a big parenting book reader. Maybe I will be now?! We shall see.

Overall, this book is hands down a must have. I don’t care if you are a parent, a grand parent or someone who is around kids all the time. READ IT!

Many of us always comment on how times have changed since we were kids, but in reality that is only because we’ve made it that way. The next time you are at the park with your children, sit on the bench and enjoy watching them instead of being at their side helping them climb up that gigantic climber. Children need to learn how to do things their way, not our way. Let the kids, BE KIDS! What’s a childhood without a few battle wounds to show all the other kids with their eccentric stories?

Generic Book Description 

How to avoid being a helicopter parent—and raise well adjusted, truly independent children

In an age of entitlement, where most kids think they deserve the best of everything, most parents are afraid of failing their children. Not only are they all too willing to provide every material comfort, they’ve also become overly involved in their children’s lives, becoming meddlesome managers, rather than sympathetic advocates. In Drop the Worry Ball, authors Alex Russell and Tim Falconer offer a refreshing approach to raising well-adjusted children—who are also independent and unafraid to make mistakes.

In this practical sensible book, parents will truly understand the dynamics between parents and their children, especially the tendency of children to recruit their parents to do too much for them. The book also counsels that failing—whether it’s a test, a course, or a tryout for a team—is a natural part of growing up, and not a sign of parental incompetence.

  • Shows how to resist the pressure to become over involved in your child’s life
  • How to retire as a gatekeeper or manager of your child’s life, and become a genuine source of support
  • Build trusting relationships with teachers, coaches, camp counselors, and other authority figures—so they can play an effective role in your child’s life
  • Understand problems such as ADHD, anxiety, and substance abuse

A guidebook for parenting courageously and responsibly—allowing your kids to be who they are while building structures that keep them safe—Drop the Worry Ball is a must for any parent who wishes to be and do their very best.

From the Back Cover
Want a More Resilient and Independent Kid?

What happens when you combine children who expect the best of everything with parents who believe failure is not an option? You get parenting in the age of entitlement, an era of meddlesome managers rather than sympathetic advocates for confident kids.

Drop the Worry Ball offers a much-needed fresh perspective on raising self-motivated children ready to take on the world. Learn how to:

  • Understand parent-child dynamics
  • Resist the pressure to over-parent
  • Help kids worry for themselves
  • Build effective relationships with outside authorities
  • Manage ADHD, anxiety and other special needs
  • Embrace failing as learning, not parental incompetence

“Drop the Worry Ball is full of common-sense strategies for parents worn out from worrying about their kids. One of the smartest parenting books on the shelf. A must-read.” — Jennifer Kolari, author of Connected Parenting

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