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I love infomercials, and love ordering with the expectant surprise of a kid with Christmas, waiting for my found cheap treasure to come.  Have I got stung with my expectations?  Sure have!  Do I keep ordering?  Sure do!  You never know?  And I have purchased things on-line with great success and of course the odd failure, which is far and few between.  We are going to do a few more reviews in the up-coming future, to share what we have purchased, the good the bad and the ugly.  Ever watch that one?  One of those spaghetti western things that the guys get glued to on a boring Sunday afternoon when there is no sports readily available, and they of course don’t want to do anything or get anything done.

Here is my first attempt at a product review; instead of my usual book reviews or travel reviews – and yes I do need to finish up on my Florida trip (kind of left everyone hanging, didn’t I)  Enjoy!  And please leave your comments or questions, or even ask us to review something for you.  We will try anything at least once.

Have you experienced Eggies? What are Eggies? Eggies are the evolution of boiling eggs without the shells. No really!

I purchased a set of Eggies a while back now and kind of threw them to the back of the cupboard and didn’t give them another thought.  Until this past weekend when the husband requested egg salad sandwiches when he got home from hockey. No problem, will dig those Eggies out and give them a go.

First off – they need to be washed and dried, no problem there, yeah wait till you have to dry these guys. Eggies come in a six pack, so six eggs are required. Well you could do up to six eggs, if you only wanted to do one you obviously would only use one.
Second – Eggies need to be greased with oil or Pam, to prevent sticking. This was a pain. Eggies come with four parts and they all need to be lubed up.
Third – put the base the top and the center ring together. This is a bit difficult, they are all slippery from the lubing. And I don’t know if it is just my set but I found them hard to get together, the threading seems to go off very easily, causes them to have to be taken apart and start over.
Fourth – crack your egg and pour into your assembled Eggie. Don’t let them tip over, makes a mess, and you have to start over.
Fifth – put your greased Eggie lid on. Also hard, it is a little top that needs to be screwed on and again everything is slippery from the oil.
Sixth – place your prepared Eggies into a pot of warm water to be placed on the stove. If they don’t float, they aren’t sealed, find the culprit and check that everything is screwed nice and tight.
Seventh – warm pot of Eggies can now go on the stove on high until boiling, then turn the heat down to medium and let boil for 15 to 20 minutes. Do you boil your eggs for 20 minutes?

Now this is when the mess began! I guess one or two of my Eggies – that was floating – wasn’t sealed correctly and now I have egg floating around in my boiling water, that really wants to boil over and make a mess. Too late, MESS! The scooper Eggie lifter that is included in your Eggie kit, has too short of a handle to scoop out your boiling hot Eggie and the little cap that you screwed on last is obviously boiling hot. So let’s continue, pretty sure you are getting the picture of the white egg mess I had swirling around in my pot of Eggies.

Eighth – 20 minutes have passed, remove your pot of Eggies from the stove and dump out the white mess, revealing your Eggies, that need to be washed off of the white yuck. Beware they are very hot!
Ninth – you can place your Eggies in the fridge for this – COOL them off before handling.  MMMM?  Pot and all into the fridge, too hot to handle?
Tenth – after a few minutes – I cleaned the bathroom – it is time to remove your eggs from the Eggies. Unscrew all the pieces to reveal your perfectly boiled eggs. NOT! A few of my eggs were sitting in water inside the Eggie, which I dumped out. They are actually only a half of an egg, I guess the way they settle in the Eggie, not what I would want to present if doing Deviled Eggs. But fine if you are mushing up. And not at all easy to get out of the Eggie. Instructions say to just give a squeeze and they will slide out, oh no they won’t. Out of all six Eggies, not one of them slid out. Now remember I did lube those babies up, to the point I was having problems assembling.
Eleventh – so now you have six odd shaped eggs, ready for your recipe.  Done!


Well let me continue. Clean-up says your Eggies may go into the dishwasher for easy clean-up on the top rack. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t have a top rack that will accommodate something the size of an egg, which actually it no longer is because you have to take them apart. So into the sink they go. And in the sink they soak, and soak oh and soak some more. There is egg white throughout all the threading of my Eggies, under the rim of the little lid, thank goodness I have short nails to get up and in there. Well I guess my Eggies are going to drip dry, again, remember you have to wash them upon the first time of using.

So which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Are you asking yourself the same question I asked throughout this whole process? Why didn’t she just boil the damn eggs, peel them, and chop them up? Well guess what? I sure as hell will the next time. The process of the 11 steps to get deformed eggs for egg salad was way too much work.

Eggies are going back into the cupboard and will chalk it up to an experience that I sure don’t want to have to ever repeat! Sorry Eggies, concept is great, results not so good. Too much work for a boiled egg!!!

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3 thoughts on “Eggies Review

  • Ron Neal

    I agree. This is the worst product that I have ever been sucker enough to buy. It is crap and I threw mine in the gargage and chalked it up to one big mistake.

  • LaQuita (Just Us Girls)

    I knew it! The funny thing is, my daughter L-O-V-E-S infomercials. This was one that she has been telling me we “Needed,” for the last couple of months (along with Oxi-Clean, lol). Although some infomercials are pretty good and sometimes get me, I’m glad I stuck with my decision to pass on this one. I’ll have to read this to DD6 when she gets home letting her know how much work Eggies are. Thanks for the review!