Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer Product Review 2

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Finally here is that review I promised.  Sorry for the delay, but this renovation is taking its toll on both myself and Christine.  Please don’t feel ignored, but I think by the time we have finished ripping and throwing, we are exhausted.  Today we just have the ceiling to do and our part is pretty much done, well other than clean-up.  And since I started this post over a week ago and finally getting back to it, the ceiling is done, wiring  also done and we are waiting on drywall.  Two weeks in and it is really starting to take shape.

Remote Dog Trainer by PetSafe Review

We are talking about a Remote Dog Trainer by PetSafe and people it does work.  Our almost 7 month old chocolate lab, Harley, entered into his terrible twos during our holiday in Florida.  Anyone with children will know what I mean by terrible twos, he just doesn’t want to listen anymore.  Digging holes, chasing lizards, knocking over my grand daughter, and this was just a few of his skills.

So when the hubby joined us in Florida I really thought some of the behavioral issues I was having with Harley would stop.  If anything I think they might of gotten worse.  So we decided to research on-line some training aids that would help us to control our out of control 64 pound baby.  With research and reading lots of advice, one of the things that stuck out was a shock collar.  At first I was really hesitant, thinking of the cruelty of shocking my pet into submission.  And really it isn’t anything at all in the way of cruelty.

We used to have a barking collar for our little Silky Bobbi, that blew air into his face when he would bark, which never really trained him not to bark.  He still barked and barked worse when the collar wasn’t on.  And at that time we also had a foster Shitzu who also barked and would cause the collar to go off on Bobbi even if he wasn’t the one barking.  So that one was a fail.

Multiple Settings, Multiple Experiences

The Elite Remote Trainer has 15 settings to administer various degrees of shock, plus a beep for reward for listening.  The girl who helped me at the pet store gave me the web site to view on-line how to set-up as well as guidance on first using and understanding when to administer a shock and when to beep for reward.  Was very helpful and put my mind a bit at ease that we weren’t being cruel.  The last thing I wanted was for my poor pup to feel abused in any way, but also thought that constantly yelling at him to listen was definitely a form of abuse that really wasn’t working for either of us.

So out of the box the Trainer needed to be charged, both the hand-held remote and the collar.  The collar is to be fitted first on your pet with room to grow if required later with your pet’s growth if they are still requiring the collar or for later refresher training.  Collar is adjustable and has quick release mechanism in case they were to get caught on something.  One of the things stressed in the instructions is to let your pet get used to wearing their new collar before activating it, which we did for a few days, the collar is substantial in weight and awkwardness as far as it being worn tight and right under the chin for best results.

During those few days we did have to adjust the fit of the collar to keep it in the proper position and facing forward.  Of course Harley would fuss with it and scratch the collar, causing it to spin around and not be in proper working position.  The collar is recommended to be one finger tight for proper effectiveness.  We also ended up having to remove Harley’s regular collar at first during this adjustment stage.

Read the Manual!

Now the fourth day it is time to activate our Trainer.  With all the multiply settings it is a bit of a learning experience for you both to find your pet’s tolerance level and what makes him take notice.  So we start with the number one setting, which is a little shock and which can be increased if your pet doesn’t respond.  Now you might be asking how do you know how much current is actually happening and how painful is this for your pet?  Well being the good pet owner that I like to think I am, I tried it on myself first – no I didn’t put the collar around my own neck, I had it in my one hand while I pushed the button.  Was kind of like licking a battery to see if the battery is still good, just a little kick to it.  There is also a boost button that gives extra current for when they are being stubborn, again not bad.

I really think it grabs Harley’s attention more that anything.  Like hey, what was that!  Also something to point out – Only one operator! – with just learning and understanding, I strongly suggest that only one person use the Trainer at first.

Moving on, we have now been using the collar for say a month and somedays it really works and somedays Harley will ignore, even with an increase in shock level.  Now he doesn’t wear the collar all the time, I kind of go with his mood in the mornings.  And like with any two year old you can tell right off if you are both going to have a good or bad day.  Also before I forget, don’t leave the collar on your dog when you aren’t attending them, we take off if going out, and also at night for sleeping.

There is days he doesn’t require wearing at all, he listens wonderfully but it is those no listen days that it sure can come in handy.  I can just show him the hand held remote and he will stop whatever he is doing, and this is without even wearing the collar, so I know it is working.

You know I think I am suffering from writer’s  block, I have sat down a few times to do this post and it is really a struggle to get across my review and make it read like I didn’t type with my eyes closed and my feet.  Plus I seem to be having some internet issues, and that has been going on for weeks.  You pay for a service you would think they could keep the damn thing up and running.  Even Christine, next door, is having the same issues so I know it isn’t just me and my inability to understand my computer.

A Product Dog Trainers Will Love

Back to my collar review.  Readers I would recommend my Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer to anyone who is having a bit of difficulty with training their dog with some of those behavioral issues that all puppies go through, like ripping apart my snow covered gardens, or eating poop (that one I will save for another post).  Read the instructions, watch the video and remember it isn’t a toy to be shared this is a one person training tool for you and your pet and shouldn’t be abused.

I have the day off from renovations, so I might actually get some work done for myself today, maybe even get caught up on some posts that have been floating around in my head.  And I have my favorite hot tub guy coming at some point today to change some jets that are too loud.  If you follow Christine on twitter you will know all about this charade that has been happening with my hot tub and the company who we purchased it from.

Have a good day, drive safe, and there is no buses so you might be stuck with the kids home today, so sorry about that.

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2 thoughts on “Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer Product Review

  • Margarita Ibbott

    I very curious to see if it would work on our dog. She likes to bark at animals that she sees on TV. They can be real or animations. If it is an animal, she will bark at it and try to bite the screen. This does not bode well for our HDTV… Thanks for the review.