Eucerin – The Creams That Saved My Brother 17

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This is a blog post that is not only a product review, but a personal post as well. We recently were provided some Eucerin cream for review, and upon opening the package we discovered that this is a cream we not only use daily but was a cream that has serious memories. Now, you might be thinking okay you use this cream every day so why did the package bring up memories. Well, I can be a flake somedays when it comes to names of products and this was one of my flakey moments.

How Eucerin Saved My Brother 

Several years ago, there was a horrific accident that nearly took my brothers life. He was at a party with some friends in the summer months. There was a big fire going with everyone around just doing what young adults do, chillin. Well, some kids decided it would be fun to shoot some gasoline onto said fire not realizing my brother was standing right beside the fire and they not only expanded the flames heavily but got gasoline all over my brother. This led to my brother completely ingulfed in flames and burning alive.

This is a day that still sends shutters down my spine. Not only did he have to call an ambulance for himself, but everyone left him there to burn alive. They all panicked and left him to die. Thank goodness my brother remained conscience enough to call 911 for himself, or he would be dead.

He was rushed down to an intensive care unit down in Rochester, NY. One of the best burn hospitals in all of North America. At this point in my life, not only did I not have a passport, but I was unable to go see him. I sat up here in Canada worried sick.

After several months of intensive surgery, skin graphs and all things no human being should ever go through he started to heal. He started to have amazing progress and was able to be transferred to a local hospital here.

Throughout those months down in Rochester, Annette sat bed side hoping her son was going to be okay. At first, there was many moments there was zero improvements, the excessive worry he wasn’t going to make it but he did.

When the skin graphs were done there was one cream the doctors kept using on his skin to not only cool it down but keep it from drying out & cracking, Eucerin. Annette told me they would glob it onto his skin like pudding and you could literally see it working. It would put life back into his severely burned skin.

Eucerin Really Is Amazing 

Since this accident, there is only one cream my family will use. Eucerin. Being someone who does suffer from severely dry, itchy skin it does amazing. For it to heal my brothers literally burned to a crisp skin it works. Eucerin put life back into my brother’s skin, it makes my families skin feel soft again and it is just an all around savour in our homes. It is safe for use on baby or young children’s dry skin and dermatologist recommended! Seriously, it’s an amazing product.

Tomorrow, MommyMatter is going to start a giveaway for Eucerin. We will be giving away the Eucerin Calming Creme and Aquaphor Skin Protectant Ointment. This is a product not only worthy of a giveaway, but worthy of our gratitude for giving us hope.

Have you ever used Eucerin & experienced the amazing hydration it does for your skin? We’d love to know!


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17 thoughts on “Eucerin – The Creams That Saved My Brother

  • Debbie W

    I personally have not tried the product, but I have heard good reviews and your story is a testament to it’s effectiveness.

  • Patience Venditelli

    I and my children suffer from Dry skin and Excema. I have been using eucerin since I was a kid. It’s the only cream that works and best of all ist’s not greasy and lasts.

  • Cheryl (@loucheryl)

    WOW! What a story and I’m so sorry to hear about the pain your brother had to go through. I’m so happy that Eucerin helps relieve some of his pain.

  • Angela Mitchell

    I have never tried Eucerin but I have heard really good things about from other people as well.

  • caryn s

    I am so sorry your brother went through that horrific accident! I have never tried Eucerin before but i will be now!

  • Devin k

    Eucerin is amazing. Both of my twins were born with severe allergies and dry dry skin. Instead of smooth soft baby skin, they had flaky iguana skin as we liked to call it and laughed about it. We found aquaphor by eucerin was the only cream that calmed their skin and sealed in the Moisture!
    My husband on the other hand who was in the military and now does maintenance work has dry rough skin and needs to take the time to use lotion or cream. I’m hoping he will experiment with eucerin and feel the results

  • Kate

    I can confirm that this story is no exaggeration. I actually just posted a related comment on another page.
    “We have been using Eucerin ever since a 4th of July mishap involving my my brother and a roman candle, which was over ten years ago. The doctor, who specialized in burn treatment, raved about its healing powers and gave us a large tub. When it finally ran out we tried at least a dozen less expensive brands but not a single one came close to Eucerin’s effectiveness!”

  • Jeannie

    Wow! What a story. I’m so glad to read that he’s okay now. What an amazing cream!

  • Stephanie L.

    Wow, I’m sorry your brother went through that, but glad that something worked!

  • Christine Joseph-Davies

    My husband is 51 he has dry dry feet. He has tried every cream on the market. My grandson( who lives with us, has eczema,in his arm creases and on his face cheeks) and also tried every cream on the market including prescription creams. I picked up a small tube of Eucerin cream for my hands. i was reading the different bottles and decided to get some for my husband and grandson. It worked..on BOTH if them!! We keep it on hand all the time now!

  • Jonnie

    OMG! I’m so sorry your family had to go through this. Thanks goodness your brother is okay! This sounds like incredible cream.