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Since we were in Orlando recently we thought it would be fun to write about some of the top things we always go do when we are in Florida. Now these are our own personal likes we feel you should try and will hopefully enjoy.

Alligator Feeding

Alright, you can look at me like I am crazy but this is something I absolutely LOVE doing. Going and feeding the alligators in their little tanks throughout Orlando is just plain old fun. We always go to the same one on International Dr in the parking lot of a mini putt.

Now, I do get joy out of teasing the little guys but nothing mean. Just make them work for their hot dogs. Yes, we feed them hot dogs. We purchase the hot dogs there to ensure that they are the approved hot dogs and we then proceed to feed the little bums hot dogs for as long as I can get away with.

Stroll Through Downtown Disney

Okay, everyone says this and I do agree. I love downtown Disney, but only when it is not too busy. Of course every time I’ve gone it is slammed but it can be tons of fun if you just pretend no one is around you. In the evenings there is little dance parties going on with music blasting throughout, which gets BabyGirl & I having a riot.

When at downtown Disney, stop in at Ghiredelli’s for ice cream. Trust me, it is worth it. The wait can sometimes be insane but it is worth it when you get.

Now, if you do plan on going to DisneyWorld don’t feel like you need to do your shopping at DisneyWorld since downtown Disney has pretty much everything minus the excess amounts of walking lugging tons of stuff. Save your shopping up for downtown Disney, you will save your arms.

Dine at a Dive

Holidays usually mean eating out a lot. When I am on holidays I generally avoid cooking all together. This past weekend the only thing I did was make a pot of coffee. Boo ya baby! If you’re like me, you also hate eating at big franchise restaurants that claim to be the best of the best, when in reality the only thing they are good at is charging you too much for small portions and crap service.

I love going to little dive restaurants. You are guaranteed something yummy and actually good. Most dives are well put together in the kitchen but don’t care about their outer appearance. As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by their cover. Dive in and enjoy some small town restaurants that you’ll only experience there.

In our little area we had quite a few and they all looked amazing. Sadly I didn’t get to any of them as we were constantly out either at DisneyWorld or Clearwater so we did a lot of snacking versus proper meals.

Say Hi to the Locals

You’ve all seen me write about them in the past and yes I am going to again. One of the best places to go to in Orlando is SeaWorld. I prefer SeaWorld over DisneyWorld any day. If I was given the option, I’d go to SeaWorld before I went to Disney hands down. We’ve had the pleasure to experience so much there over the years and love it. SeaWorld is a smaller sized theme park yet offers so much.

A lot of their mammals/animals are from the local area which I truly love. They’ve rescued them and are helping them readjust or heal as a lot come in hurt or sick. We’ve had the joy of meeting some of the mammals up close and personal, and willingly do it every time we are in Florida. Best part, the tickets are much more affordable then other theme parks. They are also not as jam packed. The park is large enough that you can escape the hustle and bustle if you need too like I do all the time.

The Dreaded Crowds

There is one thing I hate about Orlando, Florida. The crowds. They seem to be everywhere and they drive me mad. With Orlando being the center point to a lot of things it is easy to escape if you have a vehicle. Don’t just hang out in Orlando the entire time you are down in Florida. Get out, surf around and enjoy the beauty behind many of the towns & cities. Some of the best beaches are only an hour and a bit away from Orlando, and the crowds are much less.

Is there any spots in Orlando that you hit up whenever you are in town? Have other ideas of things we could do in Florida on our next visit?

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One thought on “Fun Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

  • Ingrid L

    We hit the outlet mall every time – coming from Canada the deals are so great!
    Last time we went we were there in November and the crowds weren’t too bad!