Get Creative and Free Their Imagination!

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Imagination and creativity are two very important things in a child’s world. They are the way they experience and enjoy, the way life should be. Now a days, imagination seems to be less and less in the child world, and we want to help this change! has teamed up with Energizer to celebrate the joy and benefits of playtime. Learn more now…

Importance of Imagination in a Child’s Life

Can you remember the days growing up, having that bestfriend that no one else had? We can. Do you remember the day where you’d hop on your bike and disappear into a different world? Yep. Do you remember being so excited for new crayons that you’d use them until you needed new ones again?

Of course!

Imagination is key to a child’s development. They need to create their own worlds in their heads and experience every corner of that world.

The child world has definitely changed over the years, but it doesn’t have too. When a child is given the opportunity to do their own thing and experience the ideas in their minds, you’d be amazed how imaginative things will get. We thought we’d share some ways to get the imagination wheels rolling in your home and get not only your children, but even yourself enjoying some imaginative playtime with your kids!

  • Build a fort in your living room (that is now the deep forest)
  • Go on a bike adventure (through the outback)
  • Go swimming at your local/your own pool (with whales and turtles in the sea)
  • Go bird watching (or dinosaur watching…?!)
  • Play on a climber (and watch out for sharks below)

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The above five things are some imaginative play my very own children actually thought of, on their own and I of course am giving them to you. They have some of the most creative minds and let’s just say, I don’t watch TV much, they are more amusing to watch.

Why I Encourage Imaginative Play

Personally, I feel imaginative play is very important for child development. When a child is recreating our world, into a world they dream up, they are not only learning to use their creativity and imagination, they are also learning to be independent with their thoughts and learning that it is okay to dream.

If my kids didn’t play with their imaginations, they’d be very bored children. I am a parent that will give them the boot outdoors, I refuse television, video games, etc. If the sun is awake, these items are not. Since they’ve always been allowed to run free with their imaginations, they create their own little crazy worlds.

WeeMan has a pirate ship in his room with firry sharks underneath (futon couch & probably dust bunnies with my luck).

BabyGirl has a zoo in her room that sure does make a lot of noise (tons and tons of stuffies hanging in hammocks). Of course tomorrow, this could all change.

Free Their Imagination Contest… 

Of course we are incorporating a contest to help you guys encourage some more creativity and imagination in your homes! We couldn’t resist, especially since we’ve teamed up with Energizer for this post.

From June 25th to October 1, 2012 people have the opportunity to enter into an hourly draw to win over 2,000 Crayola prizes. How you ask?! Easy!

How to Play

‘Free Your Imagination’ is an hourly contest. What does that mean? Simple, Energizer are giving away one amazing Crayola prize every hour through October 1, 2012 on their Facebook page!

Every hour a new prize will be available to be won. In order to win the prize featured that hour you will need to click the Enter Now button during the hour in which it is being offered. This time frame is indicated with a countdown clock in the upper middle section of the first page you see when you arrive at the contest application.

Don’t forget, if you have bonus PINs to enter make sure you do so before clicking the ‘Enter Now’ button. Bonus PINs are worth one extra entry each for every hour you enter. If you didn’t opt-in to receiving the Energizer and/or Crayola newsletter when you registered you can go back and do so at any time. Doing this grants you 3 extra entries every time you enter.

If you are selected as a potential winner Energizer will notify you at the email address you provided when registering. That email will provide instructions on your next steps. Bonus Pin!!! 

Of course we have you guys one of these bad boys. We did say we are doing this with Energizer… want it?! Ready for it?! Understand how to use it?! Good.

Bonus Pin for Energizer Free Their Imagination Content


Disclosure – I am participating in the Energizer program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.
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