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I am honored to be a guest blogger on MommyMatter!

I am glad to know this Mommy matters to someone. Okay… So I know I matter to a lot of people but being a stay at home Mom seems kind of thankless sometimes… and when you have two boys that seemingly have no interest in listening to you half the time… Okay one little man and one giant boy… It can feel like you’re talking to yourself 90% of the time… This is why I write. Because if I didn’t have that… and my occasional dates with the floor (yes the floor and I know each other in a rather intimate way, that would be due to the fact that it also doesn’t listen to me and stay flat…it must also be male… I swear it jumps out and trips me… ) okay.. Where was I? Oh yeah… See!? I don’t even listen to myself sometimes… If it wasn’t for my writing I think I might just be sitting in the corner of a room singing “life is a highway”, while I drive little man’s die cast cars over my road map I used to call a stomach… (little man must not have listened while he was in my belly either because I said no stretch marks.. Yet there they are…).

Writing is just one of the ways I stay… I want to say sane but I am unsure that’s the right word, because I am hardly…Sane. You know what I mean. Anyways, I also make sure to have some time to myself everyday. Even if that means turning on the shower in the bathroom, locking the door and sitting on the can and reading a book… It’s still 10 minutes of time when NO ONE bugs me… And even if they try I pretend I can’t hear them over the shower… What!? Huh!? Pardon me husband/daddy I can’t hear you… Meanwhile I KNOW he’s probably wondering where an article of clothing is… Or his bank card… Or his playstation controller… Because he can’t possibly open a drawer or check his wallet by himself, why would he when he has a ninja to do it for him!? But he will have to wait that 10 minutes because I am having a shower book and its glorious!

Another thing I will confess to doing is turning the music up way loud and dancing like my limbs have a mind of their own. This is something little man can take part in and a great stress reliever, and again, with the music so loud… I can tune things out and pretend I don’t hear them… “What bill collector!? You’re calling me!? Sorry I didn’t hear the phone!” Except I’m not sorry because you call me 19 times a day and think I’m actually going to answer. I was either having a shower book or a Dance off with my little man, and neither of those pay the big bucks… I’ll call you back when I get my first paycheck or my Christmas bonus… Yep. That’s gonna happen.

It’s the times when I’m doing the dishes after sticking a batch of cookies in the oven when the phone starts ringing, and little man all of a sudden has a life threatening need for juice, the dog starts crossing her legs because she needs to pee so bad out of nowhere, my husband walks through the house on my newly washed floors with his wet snowy work boots still on to tell me that he can’t find his sunglasses that are on top of his freakin head, the cookie timer starts going off and I’m still standing there with my dish gloves on, dripping soapy water all over the floor staring at everyone, desperately wondering if I should just stick my entire head in the sink full of water just so I can get some peace and quiet. It’s those times that make me realize, I just burnt the cookies… And I may need some “me” time.

I guess my main point is that being a mommy in general can be kind of tough some days, it’s very easy to feel taken advantage of and ignored. Not so easy to acknowledge that you’re feeling that way for fear that the perfect mommy fairy might pop out of nowhere and make you do 100 push ups for allowing yourself to admit things might not be perfect 100% of the time. I am here to tell you that fairy doesn’t exist. I should know, I am a Ninja, and we see almost as much as Santa Claus.

About Ninja Mommers:
I am 24, I have a 2 1/2 year old son. And am married to my best friend. We currently live with our really close friends in a 3 bedroom house. Little man has a room, Hubby and I have a room, and they have a room and we share all the common areas. We also brought our dog and they already had a dog and a cat. This is our circus! We live like clowns…Its an adventure every day!

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