Holiday Planning

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holiday packingWell it is almost that time again for the hubby and I to head to sunny south, and I can’t wait, but the preparing sure can take a toll on you.  Literally my head is spinning with all my notes and packing and re-packing.  What to remember?  Don’t forget!  So much for one girl to accomplish in so little time.

When you are packing for your holidays how many times do you pack?  I pack, unpack, change my mind on clothes.  And don’t forget to try on those clothes you have had put away from the summer or even last holidays.  What goes with what?  And the shoes!?  How many pairs of shoes, flip flops, do I take some socks?  And we are away for New Year’s Eve, how formal should I go, it is Florida, a nice sundress, what if it cool or heaven forbid COLD?

Housework – lots of that to do!  Laundry – oh yeah have to get that all caught up and put away.  Clean the fridge!  Wash the floors!

With all this warm weather we have been having lately it just doesn’t feel like we are leaving in three days, I still have flowers blooming (in the garden that I never got put to sleep for the winter).  I think all is done outside and then I notice we haven’t drained the rain barrels, don’t want those to freeze.  And you are probably asking yourself, why is she on here typing away when she should be getting things done, damn you leave in three days!

Here I type because it helps to calm me, slow it down, and have another look at what I have to get done.  And done it will be.  The hubby wants me packed by Thursday night before hockey, so that gives me all day Friday to clean the house, and do a last check around to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.  You know like the passports that I almost forgot the last time we went away and only just remembered as I was starting the truck.

And can’t forget about the pets!  One is going to my son’s (the old dog – thanks so much for taking), the cat is to the neighbors (they actually like her) and well the fish – hope you make it.  And who packs for those – well that would be me.  Food – check, beds – check, toys – check!  Christmas presents, oops got to go and get those.  Yes I get them Christmas presents, they are family after all.

Christmas presents!  Yikes!  I am all done.  Have given to the family.  But still have quite a few (too many when the husband sees) to try and pack into the truck, with the golf clubs, the suit cases, the dog crate and all the computer crap (I as always will be working).  But as you all know I don’t work hard, I am retired after all.

So to Florida we shall go, with a quick stop at the son’s to drop off the dog and then a visit with our great friends in New York for the weekend.  Have you looked at the weather?  Snow is coming and it is dampening our travel plans a bit – they say it could be quite bad come Friday.  The hubby is saying we might not leave till Saturday – WHAT!  Oh no we are going!  I don’t care if we have to camp out in the truck we are going!  Okay I do care, but we are out of here, come hell or high water (snow).  Now today we are pretty soggy, lots and lots of rain coming down.  Further north they say schools have been cancelled, roads closed and really messy.  Just a few more days, please stay up north, stay up there with Santa, he needs it way more than we do.

Now back to my lists.

Prescriptions, flat iron, glasses, don’t forget the sunglasses.  And turn down the hot water tank (why heat water if you are away), set the timers on lights, turn off all those power bars (they use hydro), empty out the fridge and make sure there is something in the freezer to eat when we get home.  And there better be some beer in the fridge – usually takes us a few days to get out of holiday mode before the hubby goes back to work, so a nice cold beer is always so nice to come home to.

And do you pack snacks when you travel?  I pack tons of snacks!  Saves stopping for them, kind of ties us over really until supper.  I pack chips and chocolates, peanuts, water, a few Gatorade, even some cheese and crackers with pepperettes.  The further we can travel the faster we are there and relaxing.  The hubby always laughs at me for all the snacks I pack-up, well really you don’t know what you are going to want to snack on so you better have a variety.

Okay I better go and work on some of the laundry, giving things a freshen-up before they go in the suitcases, yes I have said suitcases, I can’t do it in one – SORRY HONEY!

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