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Yesterday, while navigating the Internet I came across an article of at For the Love of Baby that definitely inspired this post. It seems many parents are battling for the “Parent of the Year” Award, but many others are standing behind knocking them down and ripping that award away. It is saddening to see, and makes being a parent even harder then it used to be. Parenting has become a competition, a survival and something that needs to be cherished more.

I Am the Worst Mom! 

No really. I am not. But there are going to be people who think I am because guess what, I am not perfect. Sure, I’ve been known to drop an adult word, yep. I’ve yelled. Oh and I’ve let them have a late night to spend time with us. That has officially made me the worst Mom ever…

Or does it?

As a Mom, the one thing that I remind myself regularly on is, I AM HUMAN. Humans make mistakes. Humans learn from their mistakes (usually). Sure, as a parent if we make a mistake, all hell breaks lose and we are deemed a naughty Mommy. When in reality, we are just like all those that do not have children and that do have children. We are all equal when it comes to things we do in our day to day lives.

My previous post I wrote on my daughters epic puking adventure may have deemed me as a naughty Mommy, because I was able to find amusement in my little girl puking. Sure, she was sick, was puking. I was also there for her, making her feel comfortable and less unsettled, as much as you can for what she was going through. As a parent, I know I need to make life an amusement park. If I kept a stick up my bum all the time, life would be dreadful. If I didn’t find fun in all the random things in life, WOW I’d have a very boring life, especially when it seems the only times I get out regularly is to pick up the kids from school and drop them off.

You Are the BEST Mom! 

Do your children love you? Do you love you? I bet someone does.

The standards that the world is setting for what Mom’s should be is absolutely ridiculous. We are no longer your Betty Crocker, stand in the kitchen all day fixing the family something yummy. Moms are becoming independent, strong and doing exactly what many wish they could, raising a child while attempting to stay sane. Moms are some of the strongest people in the world. Working Moms are just down right amazing. Every Mom is the best!

I don’t care if you’ve dropped the F bomb or had a beer with your child in the room because guess what, you are human. If you take the time to teach your child the difference between Mommy doing/saying you are not only developing bright children, but children that are more prepared for the world. Explaining to them that yes, it may be wrong to say the F word and it is wrong to have a beer if you are not legal drinking age is only teaching them rules. Teaching a child rules is what Moms do.

How I Know I’m a Good Mom… 

My children are happy, clothed, well fed and polite… on most occasions. They will gladly tell me I am the best Mommy ever, with a continuation to Grama is the bestest.

  • I don’t beat my children, even when they drive me completely mad.
  • I don’t verbally abuse them… out loud.
  • I don’t scream at them for making a mistake.
  • I don’t feed them things that I know I wouldn’t eat myself.
  • I do not bubble wrap my kids… too much.
  • I do have restrictions on television & video games, because I do not want couch potatoes.
  • I do have restrictions on the amount of sugar they eat, unless they are at Grama’s and she’s the boss of me.
  • I do not allow them to drink soda or high in sugar drinks.
  • I do let them live and experience life.
  • I let them make mistakes, and learn from them.
  • I do let them fall off their bikes and encourage them to get back on, and fall again.
  • I do teach them whats right and whats wrong.
  • I let them be human.

In the end. I do what I feel is right for my children. You as a Mom have that right as well. Do what you feel is right for your children, and never let anyone tell you any different. You are their Mom, no one else.

As parents, we need to put an end to this over drawn battle of the fittest. We are all equal, even if our heights and weights are different. We are all trying to do what every parent strives to do, raise our children. Stop belittling each other. Stop making others feel wrong when they feel they are right. Stop the fight and stand together!

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10 thoughts on “I am the Worst Mom!

  • Kelly @ City Mom

    Yes, great post. I honestly don’t get involved in those dumb wars where parents compete, but it’s hard sometimes to not hear or see it.

    I like your list of things that make you know you’re not a bad mommy! You just reassured me that I’m not either. Thanks for that 🙂

  • Positively Pampered Patty

    Parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is so true that some parents compete, or one up each other. I had a friend who still does that to this day, I don’t spend that much time with her anymore, which is sad in one way but really I don’t want someone in my life that cannot see me for the person I am, the mom I am trying to be, the pride I have in my kids. She can never see that, her kids are brilliant and her kids are the best at everything, better than my kids. It’s so exhausting and really I no longer have the tolerance for that. So I simply don’t see her anymore. Sometimes we need to do what we feel is right. I will probable be judged about that too but you know what? I am okay with it.

  • LaQuita (Just Us Girls)

    What a great post. It does seem like there are tons of judgement out there. It’s sad. Not everyone parents the same. Everyone is different. We are all human and there will be times where we do things wrong. That doesn’t make us the worst, that makes us human. We learn, we grow and we move on. I love your statement, “Do your children love you? Do you love your children?” Because knowing that both of those answers are a heck yes for myself and for most parents I know that I’m doing the best that I can. Thanks for sharing.