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Exercising is something many ignore every single day not aware of the importance of having it in our lives. Sadly, these trends are continuing on into the next generations and having massive effects on the health of today’s children.

As parents we are the world to our children, so encouraging exercise is a very important thing. Of course, this can be hard when we all live busy, hectic lives.

Why is Exercise Important for Kids?

When your children are young, it is very important to instill an exercise routine. By encouraging children at a young age, it becomes apart of their daily routine as they get older and something normal to them.

This helps prevent the “I don’t want too” battle when your children are older and already have set routines going.

Exercise is of course important for kids just as much as it is important for adults. It helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and keeps kids active. A child should be getting at least an hour of exercise every single day which may not seem like a lot, but for many families that hour can be hard to find. That hour alone can make a huge difference in your child’s health and if you’re joining them it also will help make improvements in your health.

How to Get Your Kids Exercising

Shockingly, this can be easier then you think. We’ve lucked out and have a school across the road so the kids do find themselves spending every moment they can over there running, biking and scooting around.

Not everyone of course has the same running space that we do, but there are ways to get your kids going without all the space in the world.

Boogie Night in Your Livingroom

Okay, we’ve all seen those video games that get the families dancing, but you don’t need a gaming system to have a boogie night in your home.  Find some music that will get your family grooving and next thing you know, your entire family is exercising and having fun at the same time.

Dancing uses a lot of different muscles in your body and is a great way to make exercising fun in your home. After a few dance sessions in the livingroom, your kids will be begging to dance with you all the time.

Evening Walks/Bike Rides

Going out for an evening walk or bike ride is not only the perfect way to get some family time but exercise time too! After a long busy day, going for a quiet walk could be the perfect way to calm down a hectic day.

If you have a family dog, take them along for the walk and get the pet exercising too!

Family Game Night 

Don’t you remember being a kid and always having a family game night? Now I am not talking board games, I am talking a good old competitive game of basketball, football or any sport of your liking. Getting the whole family out in the yard on teams competing against each other is an astounding way to get the whole family exercising and having fun.

Get that sweat going and the competitive juices rolling, and soon enough everyone will have got in some good exercise.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get your kids exercising! Put an end to this couch potato generation and get your family moving. It is very important to get kids active and exercising.

Do you have your own ways of getting your family active? Please share with us what your family is doing to stay fit & active every day now!


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3 thoughts on “Importance of Exercise for Kids

  • @Mommy_Jennof3

    With Childhood obesity rates on the rise and the decrease of physical activity in the school system, this article is NEEDED!!! I’m one of those parents who’s kids try to avoid exercise if they can! Thank you for your tips! I will have to try to implement them often!

  • Brandi

    I think it’s important to get kids into the habit of regular exercise…and there’s so many ways to make it fun! Much of what kids love to do best are already great forms of exercise, and if we just encourage them to take that healthy approach, they’ll grow into the habit 🙂

  • Shannon

    I have been lucky that my kids love to excercise. My oldest is on the track team at school, the running club, soccer team and tries out for everything! We are also lucky enough to have a large property where they can run and play! We still have family walks, hikes and swimming fun too. Great post and reminder.