Is Working At Home Really Worth It? 2

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This is an article that many of us will be able to relate too, including yours truly at MommyMatter. We thought we’d share this article with you, an article from a fellow blogger. Enjoy!

Is Working at Home Really Worth It?

I can’t answer this question for you but I bring it up because sometimes, just sometimes, there are moments when I really do wonder.

Five years ago, I decided to work from home because I wanted to be here for my children and to be honest, I really thought I could make my home based publishing business work.

With two young children at that time, I would be torn at the thought of leaving them in school and going off to work in a corporate environment which I started to hate more as time went on.

When the Busy-Ness of Life Gets In The Way Of Your Business

I was rushing here there and everywhere. Rushing to get the kids dressed and out of the house, rushing to drop them off at early day care and rushing to get to work on time. I’d be exhausted the minute I’d get into work having just run the equivalent of a grueling marathon.

A few months later, when I got laid off work, I thought it would be the perfect time to delve into my home based business.

I thought working from home would be easier!

Oh boy, two weeks into it and I wondered just why I was so tired all the time.

It’s because I was on the go the whole time. It was the summer break and I had three children at home, aged five and under and I had just had a new baby.

Once school started it was a huge relief. But I was at home with my baby and so there was no free time for me or my business.

From feeding, to changing diapers, to cleaning, to preparing meals and ironing and tidying, to keeping the baby entertained and out of mischief (later on when he started crawling and getting into everything). There was no let-up, no rest, no respite.

There was no time for anything except dealing with the baby, the older kids and school and the daily household chores. I tried but I never quite managed to find a sliver of time for devoting to my home based publishing business.

The reality was that any small slots of time I had, got lost in the busy-ness of day to day life.

And so, the home based business ended up being like a figment of my imagination. Something I used to think about doing but never quite found the time to spend on. You can’t build a business like way.

The past few years have been like that, I have never been so short of time, money or energy. I look back at how full of life and energy I used to be when someone else was looking after my children.

Nostalgic memories of working in an office seem somehow rosy and golden.

I could fall asleep on the train into work.

At work, I could enjoy a conversation with adults, I could laugh and talk and discuss topics and issues, even last night’s TV. I could go out for lunch with grown ups and have adult conversation!

Now I find myself doing all the other things, the chores as well as the school drop-offs and pick-ups and the after school activities and the homework and the bathtime and going to watch all the assemblies and all other school related shows – I do that all.

There are days when I find myself becoming an impatient, angry, frustrated mom.

  • I’m impatient because the children won’t do what I say when I want them to.
  • I’m angry at myself because I thought it would be easy.
  • I’m frustrated because I can’t get my business to the next level.

Somewhere, just somewhere usually after midnight and before 2-3am, I manage to squeeze in a bit of work for my business.

My husband usually wonders “How’s it going?” which roughly translated means “Have you made any money this week?”

It’s at times like this that I really do wonder if working at home is the better option.

But then I find a strange comfort in knowing that I have been at home for the last 5 years and that my children have probably seen the best and worst of me. At least they have seen ME, as opposed to being taken care of by grandma or a child minder.

I have been here every day single day for my children, caring for them, reading with them, dropping them to school, asking how their day was, doing their homework with them.

  • This precious time, once its gone, will never come back again.
  • And I was here, to take part in their lives, every day, every moment.
  • I’m a work at home mom and so I can still do that.

Part of the reason why working from home can become so difficult is that we as women demand too much from ourselves.

We think we can do everything but we can’t.

I haven’t been as successful with my business as I would have liked but I know for sure I’ve done a mighty good job of bringing up my kids. That is timeless and priceless; you could not buy that experience no matter how much money you had. I’m glad it is this way round. Imagine, having a successful business but no time for your children.

Women can have it all, but the help that will aid you in your quest “to have it all”, such as the childcare, the cleaners and the assistants – it all costs money. You can have it all if you have the help. I’m sure that getting help with cleaning the house would free up some more time so that I could spend that with the children instead.

That’s the aim. I know I’ll build the business up and I know I can do that now that my youngest has finally gone to school.

I’m still a WAHM mom and I work solidly during the day whilst my children are at school. It sure beats being in a corporate office working for someone else.

  • Working at home is totally worth it but it is not easy.
  • Remember that you are not super-human but just human. And you’ll do just fine.

Shelley Kim is the mother of three amazing children and the founder of, a website that look at toy safety and age-appropriate toys for children as well as reviewing the latest and most popular toys for children.

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2 thoughts on “Is Working At Home Really Worth It?

  • Brett | Yeatman

    A real heart felt post that where no holds are barred. As someone who has worked from home for 19 years I am happy to say that it is absolutely worth it. I think that there are right and wrong work at home opportunities though. I also feel that people should diversify and create multiple streams of income. In your situation it would be easier for you if you did in fact diversify. The idea is to get to a place where the business takes care of itself, in that way you will not be rushing around so much.

  • Laura Wright @ The ODD Mom

    As I write this, the baby is sleeping and I should be working. But first I have to put away the groceries that I bought right after dropping my son off at school. Then I should have breakfast, although it’s almost 11:30, so maybe I should have lunch. Then the baby (a toddler, really) will be up and looking for his lunch too. Then it will be almost time for the school bus, so I’ll have to head out to pick up DS. Then it’s homework and making supper. Then it’s bedtime.

    And then maybe I’ll find an hour to get the work done that I get paid to do.