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There is something all us parents experience at least once a week, and in my case almost daily. The dreadful boo-boo that is life shattering. The painful bruise that just won’t go away. Now many kids are trained to believe a good old kiss from Mommy on said boo-boo will take all the pain away. Yes, it does work with the mental feeling of the incident but it doesn’t in reality assist in any way with the physical side of things.

For the past two months I have been giving a new product a run for its money. We get a lot of bruises around here, including myself so I had to see what all the fuss was about when it came to the Mom’s Kisses topical herbal medicine. I’ve seen it all over the blogosphere and knew I had to give it a try myself.

Mom’s Kisses Review

Alright ladies and gents, we all know I am one to give overly honest reviews and will call out companies for their faults. This new product however, I’ve fallen in love with. Not only did it speed up the heal time for the many bruises we get, but I just love that it is a herbal product. It’s made from Arnica flowers and lavender.

The smell when applying is spectacular and it is in reality, a must have product for all the kids in the world.

A bruise around here can generally stay for a week to two weeks. Applying this product to the bruises cut the healing time in half. HALF!

Yes, this meant my bruised up shins and legs weren’t as unappealing for as long. This product is not one you use on open sores. It is meant specifically for bruises and swelling, not for broken gashes or skin that has broken open. It will hurt if you spray onto an open wound, trust me.

Mom’s Kisses for All Ages

Now, sure a toddler is more likely to request a kiss on their boo-boo over a tween but this doesn’t mean your tween can’t use this product. It is great for all ages, including adults. I’ve used on many of my dreadful bruises as well as my kids, and it made a huge difference.

Mom’s Kisses is a unique spray, 20% concentration and the soothing scent of lavender allow you to choose a non-toxic, drug free natural healer for sprains, strains, swelling & bumps and the ONLY known natural healer of bruises.

I had to personally verify this little piece of information I read on their website and it’s true. They really are the only known natural healer of bruises. It is recommended to use up to 4 times a day on the bruise. Half the time we only used twice a day and it still made a huge difference. The healing time would probably be cut down even more if I used on our bruises the 4 allotted times out of our days, but you try tackling a 5 & 6 year old to put some medicine on their boo-boo again… not likely!

Information About Mom’s Kisses 

Mom’s Kisses is a new topical Herbal medicine made from the natural Arnica Montana flower with a hint of lavender. Clinically proven to heal bruising & inflammation caused by contusions and sprains. Great for sore muscles too. Natural pain reliever and safe for all ages.

Learning to skateboard results in lots of bruises, make sure you have some Mom’s Kisses.

Heals safely and with no side effects:

  • Muscle bruising & falling injuries
  • Joint pain of the hand, knees, back
  • Minor burns, insect bites, skin irritations
  • Preventative treatment for sports injuries
  • Mom’s Kisses will help with the tears from the pain and fall.

We definitely recommend this product to others. It is great to have for those uh-oh moments and truly is a great product. Thing we love most, it’s a Canadian based company providing a great product, at a great price. Make sure you check out this product. It is being sold all across Canada and is a product we feel every parent should own!

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