Learning Money with Leo Review & $50 Visa Card Giveaway 47

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When it comes to the iPad, we tend to spend a lot of time searching for apps that the kids could use for learning and entertainment. Let’s just say, this has proven to be a hard option, especially when it comes to teaching them about money. Of course, with us being massive iPad addicts we were very excited to hear about the Royal Bank of Canada releasing their very own app to help teach children about money!

MommyMatter has been given the opportunity to not only review this app, but also host a giveaway to coincide with our app review! But before we get to the giveaway portion of Learning Money with Leo, we want to give you our own personal review on the app. We’ve allowed our wee people to sit and goober up our iPads for this review to see the full potential of the app.

It is very important to teach children about money and that no it doesn’t actually grow on trees. It helps them understand that money is something earned, and buying things that are wants verses needs takes away from the money earned. It is something we’ve taught since the kids started requesting anything and everything. They always have to earn these wants and save their little monies to do so.

Learning Money with Leo Review

My children are very excited when they have the opportunity to sit on Mommy’s iPad and get to play a game. Now this isn’t something they generally get to do often, so the excitement level was through the roof.

Right away, Learning Money with Leo was very straight forward with what the child can do. WeeMan had zero difficulty depicting what the activities were, even with his reading level not huge. That alone was awesome because he usually gets very frustrated when he can’t understand what he needs to do.

The sounds in the game, are not annoying at all! Leo is very encouraging throughout the activities, which kept my son going. He felt proud of himself when he successfully completed an activity, and didn’t give up when he made the wrong choice. There are quite a few activities to choose from, and rewards as they play.

Overall, Learning Money with Leo was a great addition to our app options. The ability to sit and develop an understanding on money is very important and also can pose to be very hard. Learning Money with Leo made it fun. By the time he was done playing, he had a better understanding on the differences in money, had the ability to match pictures with words with ease and the fact he could quickly sort the coins was astounding! The best part of it all, no mess touching money that who knows how many hands its been in… yes I have germ issues when it comes to money.

Are you looking to get your very own Learning Money with Leo iPad app? Well aren’t you in luck! You can find the Learning Money with Leo app here or search Learning Money with Leo on your iPad App Store! Trust me, this is an app you’ll want to get for your kids.

About Learning Money with Leo

Learning Money with Leo, brought to you by the RBC® Advice Centre, is now available for the iPad. This app provides parents with a practical and fun way to help teach their children about the concepts and value of money. It uses a variety of interactive games and activities that will engage children’s imaginations so they can have fun while they gain important building blocks for future money sense. Reward coins are earned for every game played, which can then be used to buy stickers for their very own sticker book. Kids will enjoy playing, earning, saving, and spending with Leo the Lion –their friendly guide throughout.

Learning Money with Leo has been put together with the input of early childhood education experts and parents, and is designed to:

  • Provide kids with an introduction to the concepts and value of money
  • Teach kids about earning, saving and spending money
  • Help kids develop a foundation of basic money skills that they can build upon in the years to come

Learning Money with Leo features a variety of kid-friendly and interactive games (Match It game, Gather The Coins and Spot The Differences) to teach your children everything from earning, to saving, to spending money. As your child plays each game they’re able to earn coins, which can be used to buy stickers for their very own virtual sticker book.

The application is available for free from iTunes in both English and French.  You can find out more tips on teaching your kids about money at

https://www.rbcadvicecentre.com and http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/learning-money-with-leo/index.html


The app games and activities are narrated by Leo. He gives simple instructions and positive messages to engage your children and cheer them on to success.

Match It, Solve the Maze, Gather the Coins, Spot the Differences and Sort the Coins all provide children with an opportunity to recognize coins of different denominations, and interact with them in a variety of ways.

Teaches the value of earning and saving.

Paint a piggy bank or other fun images!

Once children earn reward coins by playing the games, they can buy stickers at the sticker store, choose a scene to paste them on, and even take a final picture of their masterpiece.

English & French

® Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada.

Learning Money with Leo Giveaway! 

Now let’s talk about that giveaway I subtly hinted at earlier in this post. We are very excited to not only incorporate a giveaway with our review, but even more excited to hear how you guys get your children learning about money! First off, this giveaway is a Canada only giveaway.

What can you win? 

The winner selected will win a RBC Visa gift card for $50! This giveaway will be seen on several other blogs also participating in this event. You may enter on all of the blogs, but will only have the opportunity to win once in total. Mom Central Canada will send the prize to the winner within 4-6 weeks of campaign ending.

How can you win? 

Simply complete the following Rafflecopter form for your chance at winning a $50 RBC Visa gift card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“Disclosure – I am participating in the RBC Learning Money With Leo program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of RBC Royal Bank.  I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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47 thoughts on “Learning Money with Leo Review & $50 Visa Card Giveaway

  • Louis

    the have to save part of their allowance what they can spend on bigger items

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Miranda W

    My son was always given a choice between the things that he wanted and told that we could only afford one of them. Even at a very young age he learned that you can’t have everything you want and if you want the big ticket item you have to sacrifice the smaller one to save for it.

  • Helena

    We teach them to give first of all back to God, who blesses us with everything and then also to others. That is how money comes to you, when you are generous yourself.

  • Anu Chopra

    We gave our son a piggy bank and an allowance and told him that if he wants to buy games for his XBox, then he needs to save the money he receives to buy them himself!


    when each child was born we started buying them RESP’S so that when they go to college they will have a bit of money

  • Courtney Tucker

    I teach them to save and if they want something particular, they know how much to save for it alone by knowing the price, and know much more they need to buy it!

  • Jonnie (JB)

    We give an allowance based on chores done. They earn the money and then have the freedom to spend and save how they please. It takes a bit but they eventually learn that saving money gives you freedom to buy what you really want in the future.

  • Kathleen

    I answer all their questions about how we pay for things and why things cost money and why people go to work and such. They help us count coins and are learning the names of the different ones.

  • Rebby

    It’s so important to teach kids the value of money because too many people these days take it for granted. Kids need to know to manage money NOW so that we can all have a financially secure world in the future!

  • Amanda Bourassa

    Our guy is still pretty small but he is learning that money is earned and that we can only spend what we have. He has a piggy bank where he collects his earned money.

  • Tracy Robertson

    I dont have kids, but I work with developmentally disabled adults and I teach them about coupons and checking prices when I shop with them almost every day. I always encourage them to save some money too, because a lot of them tend to want to spend whatever they have as soon as they get it.

  • Laura P

    I have them save their own money for items they want. I also teach them to get the most value out of their money by shopping sales.

  • Glogirl

    I don’t have kids but starting them with an allowance would allow for teaching them about saving, spending and budgeting. It will lay the foundation for future responsible money management.

  • susan

    We have a bank that has our little one save for different reasons ~ spend, save, donate. He also has to earn his money with chores.

  • Katrina Brady

    I started giving them an allowance when they were five. We then had then put part of it in a jar and once a month we would deposit it to their bank account and they got to watch how it grew!

  • angela m

    i teach my kids about money by talking about money and bills

  • Shelly Peterson

    I buy them things from time to time, but they are always wanting something, so the kids earn allowance and have to save up to earn the money for other things they want


  • Belinda McNabb

    I take my son shopping with me and let him help me pick out items on sale, use coupons and show him the responsible way to spend money, not just throwing it away


  • Laura Royal

    We give them a weekly allowance if behavior has been good and they can earn money for doing chores

  • Edward Pena

    I have a sit down with them and let them know the value of earning and spending responsibilities

  • Lisa Smith

    My twins are really young still but I let them know we are only buying one thing only and they must choose only one thing.

  • samantha h

    we divide allowance into savings and spending to try to teach the importance of budgeting

  • Jaime Porkarski

    I sit down with her and have the different coins and different bills and tell her what she could by with them.

  • Tooth Fairy

    Well, the Tooth Fairy is all about counting and saving coins! Money is treasure and I still believe in old skool piggy banks. Also opening a bank account for child when they are school aged so they can begin to save their $weet cash received from parents and grandparents for Birthdays, Christmas etc! Garage sales is also a fun way to encourage kids to be thrifty and gives them the ability to buy cool stuff cheaper than in the store. It is all part of money handling. ☺

  • diane grubbs

    Sometimes I let my childeren had the cashier the money at check out or i will give them a few dollars to spend and let them no thats all they have