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Now I want to start off this product review with a complaint.  Imagine that a complaint.

Why do companies have to put instructions on their products so small that you need your glasses and a magnifying glass.  I had to tilt bottles under a light to be able to read the instructions of which product is which and the order in which is recommended to use.  And then I got a brain light and decided I would mark on the bottles and jars in magic marker the steps and whether for morning or night.  Okay here we go with my experience of Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Products.  Oh and to quote my brother-in-law “Wow are you going to wake up looking so beautiful and watch you don’t get that mole.”

Now this is really funny!  I have all the products sitting in front of me and was going to start with the make-up remover.  Now this product I stopped using because it was causing irritation on my eyes, I couldn’t see after using before bed and would have to wash and rinse my eyes with warm water.

Glycolic Treatment Pads

A soft wet pad – that I thought was for removing your eye make-up – NOPE.  Sitting here re-reading the instructions with my glasses and magnifier glass; it is an all over face treatment and if you get in your eyes flush with warm water.  Isn’t that funny!  You are to use on your face after cleansing at night.  Well sorry about this one, can’t really do a review because I wasn’t using properly, that will teach me for assuming.  And sure does burn the eyes, I guess that is why there is a warning.

Creme de Serum

A clear serum with what looks like foundation swirled thru it – you use either morning or night.  A very light weight product.  Here is what Meaningful Beauty’s site says:

Crème de Sérum is a three-in-one product that contains the most potent ingredients in the entire Meaningful Beauty line. The white portion contains anti-aging peptides, which help protect skin from wrinkles and fine lines. The clear layer of hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge on your skin, helping it grab and hold moisture. The melon shade is the SOD complex, designed to protect skin from free radicals and harsh environmental elements.

I have been using this one at night, and it does leave my skin with a slight tingle, not heavy or feeling slimy.

Glowing Serum

This is a morning product that you wear under your moisturizer and make-up.  This confused me – why would I put this on and then moisturizer.  Now I have had a hard time finding more information regarding the Serum, other than it is to add a pick-me-up to your skin, you can use other than in the morning if you feel your face needs a lift.  If you have make-up on, not sure how that will work.  But did find it nice and light weight again and think it has helped with a spot on my face that was damaged from radiation during treatment.

Lifting Eye Creme Advanced Formula

Kind of exactly what it says.  Use morning and night, patting gently (of course) around the eye area.  Again a nice light cream, doesn’t feel heavy or clogging.  Did use this one faithfully morning and night.

Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules

Here is what Meaningful Beauty says:

The revolutionary ingredients in these capsules are designed to work on two levels to help reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while delivering benefits to your skin. Formulated to help promote collagen and increase hydration.

  • Formulated to reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Delivers long-term benefits to skin.
  • Increases hydration and promotes collagen.

These are pretty purple blobs that you break open to reveal a nice light weight creamy solution.  I used after my nighttime cleansing routine.  Didn’t care for the smell, even the husband complained of the odour.

So I have given you an over-view of the product line-up.  Do I look younger, less wrinkled?  Well because I didn’t use the products correctly – the eye make-up remover that wasn’t – I really shouldn’t give a review.  But I can say Meaningful Beauty was a lot of work, twice a day – who has time for that I ask?  My skin doesn’t feel any less tired or old, but having to get up that bit extra in the morning, that makes me tired.  Does Cindy look great?  Sure she does.  I think it is in the genes, either you age wonderfully or not.  The use of skin products is a very personal choice.  Especially anti-aging.  One of my concerns with any anti-aging product is whether or not your skin becomes addicted to it and requires it.  Is is swelling out my face so there is no wrinkles?

Will I continue using Meaning Beauty?  Probably.  Well when I feel up to it that is, after all I do have the free products and hate waste.  Would I sign-up for their every month shipping, hell no!  Beware of that with a lot of the beauty products and diet stuff out there.  I did a diet tea a couple of years ago and what a time I had to get that cancelled, had to threaten legal actions to finally get them to stop sending and billing my credit card, actually had to cancel that credit card.  I guess I am saying, use what you want and feel happy and comfortable with it.  If it makes you feel better about yourself, your environment or whatever else then that is the job done and everyone is a winner.  But if you feel tied down to a product and it doesn’t make you any happier than before you were spending 40 bucks a month, look deep and seek other happiness.  Maybe a nice bottle of wine with some girl friends who make you happy and love you wrinkles and all.

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