Mommy Daughter Bonding – Mommy Will You Play with Me! @SugaBabesScrubs

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As mommies we probably hear this phrase often, “mommie will you play with me?” That is a phrase that rings all the time in my home. My daughters require so much of my time and they actually seem to demand it! Let’s take this journey together into our home with my daughters, Layla and Mya.

Got your seat belt on? Let’s roll!

My two daughters came way later in my adult life. Just when I thought I was going to be traveling by the age of 45, I am still home with little one. But guess what I would not trade it for nothing in the world. Layla and Mya are two amazing and talented little girls, so when they came to me with a business idea I was not surprised. One night as I was checking emails the girls came to me and instead of saying “mommie can you play with us”, they said, “mommie we want to start a business.” Of course they had my ear. I stopped what I was doing and said let’s hear it.

They began to explain in detail their idea to start a sugar scrub business. They began to say how we would sell these products to our family and friends and get a website and sell online. Now, who would have thought that an 11 and 6 year old had so much in them about business. So after they finished my brain began to work overtime. Here we go!

April 2012, Suga Babes was created. We did well selling our products online. We started out with two sugar scrubs and one body spritzer. June 2012, we went back to the drawing board. We decided to incorporate mobile spa parties for girls. July 29 was our first party! From July to December we hosted over 80 parties. We take everything with us and transform our clients homes into luxurious spas.

All the while our parties were taking off so was our product line. We expanded tremendously! We now have over 17 blends/products that are 100% natural and vegan based. Our bath and body product line includes sugar scrubs, hand and body lotions, lip smoother’s, body spritzer’s, muscle jellies, bath salts, and soothing gels.

Now that everything is going right along, we again went to the drawing board and June 2013 we launched, Gigglez and Girlfriendz for ladies. We listened to the moms and we created a mobile service just for them.

We have been truly blessed to not only have started a full fledged business but we are also really involved in our community and serving others. Within one year we have donated over 1200 products and given over 25 parties for silent auctions, along with monetary donations. Now this is what we call successful!

July 2013, once again we have gone to the drawing board and created the SugaFix box where we send out a box of spa treatment goodies each month to our subscribers. This is a great way to get a surprise each month to have some “me” time.

Suga Babes is actually an accidental business in a way because it was not under our radar. Layla and Mya are totally involved in the business. They help with the planning of the parties, coming up with the fragrances and helping with inspirational messages to share with the girls about not being to young to live their dreams!

So, be ready because you never know if your kids will come to you and say, “mommie we want to start a business!”

Author Bio

Jacquie Parish is the mother of four children (26, 21,11,6). She loves spending time with her children and family, however she really loves spending time with “me”! She owns a mobile spa business and bath and body product line. She loves her life and enjoys every journey that she encounters! You can check her out on any of the following:

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