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Do you remember the days when we first started out? The days when I would write like you all were just my stuffed animals in the back corner judging my awesomeness… I miss those days. I miss the days when I didn’t give two fart flies who was reading me. You could be the pope and I’d keep on plugging away like you were the hobo down the road.

Well ladies and gents, due to the lack of interest in doing things the way we have been I am throwing in the towel. Screw “marketing” and all the SEO junk I do over here. I am kicking off the shoes, putting on my toque and giving you all what I want. No more constant promotional blah blah blah. I am going back to me. The bitchy, moany, hate the world me!

I’ll still do my product reviews, maintaining my awesome honesty that I’ve always had. I’ll still do the promotional stuff, but I will also actually write about the shit no one gives two shits about!

So… let’s begin my blast to the past and get back going old school blogger style!

I Hate the World!

Okay, I know. Coming off strong right away but that is how I do things. No holding back. It is a new year, and well I happen to NOT purposely decide to quit smoking. It isn’t a resolution or anything, it is merely I am too damn broke to buy smokes so I guess I am quitting kind of dealio. I haven’t had a smoke since Sunday and I am not even bothered.

Sure, I am a bit snappy and hate all things that are annoying; but I am doing fabulous. Usually by now I’d have broke down, counted change and went to the store. Nope, not this time. Mainly because I can’t find my change jar and I am not wasting money I actually need for other things for smokes.

Snow Days!

Of course, in the midst of me trying my hardest to not take out my nicotine withdrawals on those around me… it is a snow day. F-M-L! Sorry kids if I tend to avoid you and pretend you aren’t home. I am doing it to protect your emotions from my bitch out moments. Please approach with candy and chips for survival.

We’ve been home from Florida since Sunday (oh ya I went to Florida for 24 days, and now I am home). Holy snapper-doodles it is freaking cold up here in the great white north! Today is -43 and I had to go out in that. Since I got home it has been a bit of a shit storm both weather and home.

Upon arrival, my best friend who moved into my house while I was gone informed me my shower was broken. The snow blower won’t start for me so I am stuck shovelling and well, it is MINUS 43. Of course my best friend felt bad, but he knows me well enough to know not to tell me things when I am away unable to do anything to fix because I will worry constantly. At which point I’d annoy the hell out of him more then I already do because I am awesome that way!

Since I got home, we’ve got over a foot of snow. If not two feet of snow. I can’t keep up with it. I can’t start the snow blower so I shovel what I can. Mainly end of the driveway then I proceed to just drive over the rest. Got in trouble for that one last night. Whoops. I am hiding indoors now at this point. Kids are home today as every single school in our district is closed. Can you say WOO FREAKING HOO. Just spent 25 days solid with them… I really didn’t want to spend another. We are all hating eachother. Too many days straight hearing the words “Mommy he pinched me” “Mommy she looked at me” “Mommy I think I clogged the toilet… AGAIN”

I Want to Go Snowmobiling

This is one thing I am in dire need of doing. I miss it. It is something I used to do as a kid and now that I am older I want to do again. Stated bestfriend has a snowmobile, but he doesn’t like sharing. I nag everyday for him to take me out but then we are reminded I have 2 kids who require someone to watch them. He’s the only person who watches my kids other then myself and my parents… so going snowmobiling isn’t really an option unless I just steal his snowmobile and drive away before he can catch me.

Eventually I will get out there. I love winter, I just hate shovelling snow and when the temperatures get to the point of freezing your skin in a matter of minutes. I would love to live somewhere it was winter year round, but my kids like summer so I won’t do that until they are older and not living under my roof.

Alright ladies and gents, I am done. I need to get things done; and break up a full out argument over air!

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  • Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

    I do write with google in mind, I always write and share things I know would be helpful. I do it with my heart and then I worry about google and rankings when I am plugging in my keywords for a post. It has served me fairly well and I think people know when you have your heart in it and when you don’t. If you know what I mean. 😉