Getting Organized with More Time Moms #Review

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When it comes to keeping myself organized and remembering things, I am always in desperate need of some assistance. Not only do I surround my workspace with post it notes, but have to write on my calendar as well. More Time Moms learned of my inability to keep track of my own brain and sent us some wonderful products to help me keep my days together. They knew they’d not only come in handy but also be a perfect way for them to help us be more organized for the new year.

Since they sent us these products, we thought we’d be kind and review them so you know how awesome they are too!

More Time Moms Family Organizer 

One of my biggest issues when I am hunting for a calendar is sizing. I write anything and everything I am attempting to remember on my calendar. Not only does the kids must remember things get put on there, but my work stuff and my personal stuff. This ends up a lot of things I need to put on one calendar and finding one large enough can yes, be hard.

To my amazement, the More Time Moms Family Organizer is perfect! It provides enough space for each individual day that I can jam in everything, plus have extra space for my notes for each month. Another aspect I loved is that it is easily hung on the wall or placed on a desk. I of course hung mine on the wall, right beside the refrigerator since it is the one space I go to the most. No, not because I am always eating but because I am always cooking/feeding someone else in my home. It is also the first place I go every single morning.

Another thing I always consider is the paper strength. I need something that can survive at least a year. I don’t like having to swap out my calendar mid year because it’s falling apart. The More Time Moms Family Organizer is very durable and able to withstand my many uses.

What’s Inside? 

The calendar came equipped with quite a few items, including:

  • Lots of room to track important things, time with your kids,etc.
  • 330 appointment and reminder stickers, bound to organizer
  • An extra large pocket for your bills and loose paperwork
  • New illustrations and some coloring pages for kids to color
  • Telephone, Emergency and Medical directory
  • MTM recipes, To do lists, kids chores, etc.
  • Inspirational Quotes, Moon phases
  • High quality opaque erasable paper

The stickers are perfect. I love stickers. When I have the option to make my important days pop out even more, I am golden. I have a hard enough time remembering things when they are simple pen and paper, but add a sticker to the mix and I may actually remember something for once!

More Time Moms Day Planner 

Another wonderful item we received was the More Time Moms Day Planner. I am not joking when I say I suck at remembering things. If you want me to remember something, you may want to remind me multiple times.

Now, when it comes to day planners I am generally very frustrated. I have found it quite hard to find those perfect planners that actually are good enough for my busy days. The day planner from More Time Moms is perfect. It is small enough that it won’t drive me nuts when I have to take it with me yet big enough for me to jot important things into. I have to have the ability to write multiple things onto specific days and finding a day planner that allows that has proven to be hard.

The More Time Moms Day Planner went above and beyond with their design. The elegant look, and simplistic design is perfect for what I need to keep my brain on tight.

Inside You Will Find: 

  • Monthly appointment planner calendar
  • Monthly priority planner guide
  • Weekly to-do pages and daily routine planners
  • Inside pocket for lists and notes
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Special event planners: household budgets, Christmas fun, garden tips, Christmas gift list, household projects, vacation planner and more

Keeping myself organized takes a team of people. Between MeeMa and Hubby, they do a good job but having some help from More Time Moms is definitely beneficial. One thing I hope to do in 2013 is keep myself more organized and thanks to More Time Moms awesome calendars and agenda’s I am going to do just that! Which More Time Moms calendar or agenda would help make remembering things easier on you?

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