Must Have Mother’s Day Gifts… NOT!

May 6, 2014By 1 Comment

Oh Mother’s Day, a day I am not looking forward too as I am once again alone on Mother’s Day and it is a little bit depressing to say the least. Mother’s Day is coming up fast. So fast that even my own kids have no idea it is coming. This to me is okay. It is easier to ignore a day for celebrating my awesomeness than try to explain to my children they are supposed to be well behaved, non-rotten beings for one whole weekend (they don’t need to know it is only a day, weekend is sufficient).

I am however even more thankful for being alone on Mother’s Day because I get to avoid those really shouldn’t have gifts from Hubs. Sure, there is probably some hopeful thought put behind them but in most cases it is because his ability to find me things I like is impossible as he never truly listens when I tell him the things I want.

Knowing him he will probably send flowers, which yes is a nice gesture and I do love flowers, but not the ones that die in a weeks time. Plantable flowers or Bobs (he understands Bobs don’t worry if you don’t!) are a safer bet but still… thought. We are celebrating the fact that you’ve all made it to another Mother’s Day.

So, here are some things you should NOT buy for Mom on Mother’s Day!

T-Fal (Tefal) Steam Iron FV4266 Ultraglide Easy Cord 1400 Watts

Okay sure, I love everything T-Fal. They do make amazing products, but do I really need an item that reminds me that I do the ironing around here. No. Lets move on…

Hoshiko Bread Knife 8″

I don’t care if I complain about how junky my knives are, this is definitely not classified as a successful Mother’s Day gift. Also recommended not to buy Mom’s something that could in turn be used as a weapon for lack of thought. Just sayin.

Food Saver Accessory Starter Kit – Multi Pack

No freaking way! You got me something to store the foods that I cook you with?! Well aren’t you great at reminding me I am probably going to have to cook dinner on Mother’s Day too… Next.

ORAL-B- Vitality ProWhite rechargeable toothbrush

So what you are saying is that I need a new toothbrush, because what… my breath smells. I think you really didn’t think this one through this year or this was all that was left on the shelves at the store for sale with a sign stating FOR MOM. Guess what? Couch is comfy.

SK-II Stempower 15g Anti-aging Moisturizer

Ah, so now I am getting old and need a moisturizer to make myself stop aging so I remain appealing to you. I get it! Couch is no longer available, why don’t you sleep out in the dog house?

Asics Gel-Cirrus33 2 Womens Mesh Running Shoes

So we went from needing to brush my teeth more, to anti-aging cream to now I need some running shoes, to what? Go run more and lose some weight?! Dog house is taken and I just called your Mother… she is on her way over!

As you can see, Mother’s Day isn’t about what you buy, but what those items say. Make sure this Mother’s Day the gifts you get Mom say I love you… because lets face it all I want for Mother’s Day is some quality time with my family. I don’t need material items, they will never match what a day without raging arguments means!

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  1. I like homemade gifts from my kids. Of course, they can go wrong with some jewelry. I would love to have a necklace with all their names/birthstones one day.

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