Naughty or Nice – Santa’s Biggest Parental Lie

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The other day, while heading to town to get our nails done and pick up a baby gift for our awesome nail artists I had this strange epiphany on how as parents we always say we need to follow through on our punishments to instil reign in the home.

We are always told by those parental know it alls that as parents we need to be consistent. If we say something, we need to follow through or our children aren’t going to take us seriously.


Upon this thought, because I am a parent that does my best to follow through on all things I state, I then discovered how the idol of the holidays is the biggest liar of this theory. The whole, if you’re naughty you will receive coal and if you’re good you will receive the gifts you long for. Yet, does this actually happen?


“Rules” of Santa?

Santa doesn’t follow through on his own rules, so why would the kids act good to please Santa, they know they won’t get coal. No matter what happens, there is guaranteed a gift under that tree, even for the naughtiest of children.

This actually irked me a little. Here I do my damnedest to follow through on all my rules all year long, yet I don’t follow through on this one because why? Well sure, it can be saddening to wake up Christmas morning and not have a gift there… but if you’re naughty shouldn’t you get coal?

My thought is, all it would take is following through on this once and kids would be REAL good around the holiday season. They would just need that simple reminder of the previous year that they got coal for being bad.

Alright, I probably sound like the most evil Mom around. I would love to follow through on this and give my children coal because in reality, they’ve been utter brats lately. I have yet to buy them any gifts. I haven’t even taken them to see jolly old Saint Nick. Why? Because they’ve been rotten.

There are so many of us trying our hardest at providing structured rules and homes, but it always seems, this time of year the biggest rule of the holidays is completely ignored.

We’ve all been told to not get put on the naughty list or we’d get coal. Have you ever received a bag of coal? I know when I was growing up, I was a rotten little thing yet my parents ALWAYS had gifts under the tree even when I really didn’t deserve an ounce of them.

Santa’s a Hypocrite.

Of all people in the world, Santa is the biggest parental hypocrite. No matter how a child acts, they get presents. Now, I am not saying ALL children in the world get presents. There are many who don’t get to feel this joy or even know that Santa exists.

I know I am guilty of this. I still put presents under the tree, even though my kids don’t deserve any. There are children out there in the world who are absolutely amazing all year long and sadly, don’t get anything because well, it can be hard for many parents. This I also know all too well. Waking up Christmas morning to no presents under the tree because Mommy can’t afford it.

As parents, I know we strive to make all things happy especially at Christmas. Sadly, we are setting ourselves up for bad behaviour every Christmas because our kids know Santa will still bring gifts even if we set the cat on fire.

I know it can be hard taking away the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning. It should however be a day dedicated to the real reason why Christmas even exists, but that also is a rare thing. I would love to have a present-less Christmas because my kids don’t deserve it. I would love to wake up Christmas morning to a big bag of coal under the tree with a letter from Santa saying, sorry you were on the naughty list, hopefully next year I see you on the nice list.

Would you willingly place coal under your tree if your children were on the naughty list?

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