Paper Hat Press Book Review

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When it comes to the holidays and finding those perfect gifts, there are some things I’ll never say no too. One, is books. The next is personalized gifts. They are two amazing things for children and when I am given the opportunity to put the two together, I am going to be very excited.

WeeMan’s name is spelt in the world’s eyes, incorrectly. I’ll never be able to buy things off the shelf with his name on it because of how I’ve spelt it so in reality, I screwed myself huge in the personalization department. Thankfully, there are companies that do customized personalizations now a days that make my life easier.

One I recently came across was Paper Hat Press. I was on the hunt for a book that I could incorporate my son’s name into so I could help encourage him on his reading ventures. He is beginning to grasp the interest, and I knew a book that had his name in it, spelt correctly would be a lifesaver. I have of course decided to write my own review on it… so check it out.

Paper Hat Press Personalized Books Review 

Paper Hat Press is a premier publisher of personalized children’s books. Their award-winning team, including Oscar award-winning artists, makes books that parents and kids can hold together, read over and over and keep forever. Each story is personalized with a lot more than a child’s name — child’s appearance, family members, favorite toy, pet, food, playground and more.

Paper Hat Press has won numerous accolades and marquee retailers like Pottery Barn Kids carry their products. The personalized story books combine the quality of traditional, hardcover picture books with meaningful personalization, making them not just beautiful books, but also memorable keepsakes.


When the books arrived, I was amazed at the high quality of the book. Most books I’ve created online aren’t hardcover and they are never the quality that my new Paper Hat Press book is. The pages are thicker then average book pages and the illustrations, just wow!

The fact that everything was customized to match my child, put a smile on all our faces. He loved that the boy in his book, Little Super, also had his hair colour & eye colour, and he really loved that his super food was his favourite food. By the time we finished reading the book, WeeMan knew the book was about him & that he is my little Superhero.

Not only did this touch his darling little heart, but it touched mine too. The look on his face from his amazement & joy, made this book worth every penny.

Cost versus Quality 

This is one thing I always get asked when it comes to my reviews. Was the price worth the quality? Hands down, yes. The cost was very affordable for what I received and yes I do highly recommend these books to all. Books are very high priced without any customization to them, and the fact these books are customized & personalized to your own specifications without a price hike, is astounding.

Shipping Speed

This sir, was awesome. I expected to have to wait 2-3 weeks because the book was being customized, but this was not the case. I received the book quickly and the actual packaging of the shipment was great. The book was safely snugged away in its box surrounded by bubble wrap & an awesome piece of paper with instructions on how to turn that piece of paper into a paper hat. Creative!

Would We Buy Again? 

Yes, of course! This gift is not only great for our children but I am planning on ordering for friends too! There are so many ways to make a special occasion even more special, and Paper Hat Press’s personalized books is now on the top of my list!

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