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Parenting, something we all know is hard but also something that can be truly inspiring. Sadly, it seems parenting is more likely to hit the hard spots more often which leaves many of us hitting that tough spot of utter exhaustion.

I am a parent who has hit the tough spot so many times it is starting to feel like the okay spot. I am alone, a lot. Months upon months raising two kids alone is exhausting. No, this isn’t going to be a boo hoo poor Christine post! We all know that ain’t ever going to happen. This is a tough spot post!

Recently, we hit one of these spots. A spot that has proven to be so hard to get out of I think I am moving into it. WeeMan pretty much hates life. It is hard seeing your child sit there and just shut down. Our local school has just ripped him apart. Over the years, he’s been labeled by not only the students but by the teachers and staff of his school. He is the child who if you poke and prod enough will either curl up in a ball and cry, or just completely lose it on all those around him.

We had a therapist. Oh his therapist. I loved her. He loved her. She was awesome. She was a temporary awesome. Anyone want to send me a grand so I can get her back?! We had her for 8 blissful weeks. Throughout those weeks, no issues. Emotions were at a normal place, no issues at school and definitely no epic melt downs.

And then she was done. He showed so much progress she left. And she left… at the wrong time.

It has been just over a month since she left. School is back to being considered hell. I’ve already screamed at one teacher because she never felt the need to find out an entire situation which in turn had WeeMan a victim; not the initiator. She bypassed the students involved and ignored him. His words meant nothing. She met a me that doesn’t come out often and a me that I don’t even like seeing; but I am sick of my child being labelled as a bad, insanely emotional person because no one is willing to listen to him and all the other students know this so it is easy to get him in trouble.

My son, has one friend. One single friend. Everyone else targets him. Pokes, prods until he snaps. Until he gets in trouble. I love his one friend. She is the nicest girl and keeps him going to school everyday. My son is bullied beyond belief. Yes, I have brought it up to the school. The principal. His teachers. Everyone. Does anyone listen? Nope. Just his Mom, his Grama, his Papa. Does he keep going? Yep.

So you may be thinking, alright you are one of those parents that thinks your child is perfect. Nope. I know my children aren’t perfect. Half the time I am the first to bring up their issues and I will never defend my child without knowing the full story. Children lie, a lot. Children will do anything to be #1 in everyone’s life and they’ll destroy anything around them to get there. I also know my child and know when something is wrong.

Does he talk to me? Not like he used too. He used to pour his heart out. Have I changed? Nope. I am still the hard ass, suck it up kind of Mom with an open heart and a big hug at the end. If he’s being bullied, hit, full out throttled on; self defense buddy and let Mommy deal with the consequences. My children will not be push overs, and they definitely will defend themselves. Sadly they don’t right now but one day they will.

Our tough spot is our local school. My dream is to get them out of here, into a place where they can start fresh. New opportunities, new friends, new life. No, it won’t fix everything but it will be a start.

Bullies suck. They’ve created a tough spot in our lives that is so tough I don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel bad for my child, this is one thing I can’t make go away ever. He is only 7 years old and we already fear for his life because if it continues into his teens we know the worst is unavoidable.

My son has been bullied since his first day of school. He cried every single day I dropped him off in Junior Kindergarten. By senior kindergarten he stopped crying and by grade one he stopped feeling. Now, in grade 2 he’s an angry emotional being who just wants to feel loved. When you sit there and ask him what’s wrong, his answer every single time is “I have no friends.” He has one friend, but she is a popular little girl, friends with everyone so there are a lot of times shes off playing with others and he’s left alone.

Sadly, at this point he doesn’t even participate in recess. First recess he goes and helps do something in the office or library. Second recess, also lunch; he comes and hangs out with his Mommy. Why? Because he needs something to look forward to everyday. School has destroyed my what once was the happiest, goofiest most amazing child around and created him into this angry, sad little boy who is so lost in the world. I have considered homeschooling him, but lets face it; that won’t help any of the issues it just helps him avoid realities. Just wish something more would be done to help him.

And there is my tough spot, bullying. I hate it. I experienced it as a child, and I see it a lot throughout the blogosphere. Bullies suck. To all the bullies out there, remember; it affects others for life.

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4 thoughts on “When Parenting Hits That Tough Spot

  • ShannonG

    I feel you Christine! I have 2 kids too all girls and the eldest is being jealous with her sister every time I get my attention to her sister. But I always make sure to talk to her and let her understand the situation. Thanks for sharing your story though!

  • Mary scheneberg

    Sounds just like my nephews situation! His mom has gone to the school and the board of education!they know about the bullies because its not just happening to my nephew,other parents that i know have gone the same route. They deny and cover. They do not take action heaven forbid their school should look bad! As a matter of fact they have been in the news for trying to cover up sexual misconduct. What is a person supposed to do in these circumstances? Its seems all the rights go to the criminals anymore. There is no justice for the victims!!! Im angry yet if i get mad and throw a fit like those bullies do i go to jail!

  • lisa

    I went through something similar. Only it was worse. Go to the superintendent . get them involved. also go to the school physcologist. Since the teacher nor principal will do nothing . also contact the pta of the school and start a no bullying policy.our school already had one. as soon as i got the superintendent involved things changed . if all else fails contact ur local news station . then u will see how fast things will?change . good. luck

  • Christy Garrett Parenting Tips

    It is so hard watching your kids struggle. As far as the bullying goes, I would contact the school and let them know what is going on so that they can keep an eye on things. I know that I have had to do this for my kids and most of the time the teachers don’t even know its happening. Also, talk to your child about bullying and speaking up for themselves.

    The bumps in the road are often a phase and over time things will get better; however, it is very important to talk to your child and figure out why they thinks life stinks. I get it we all have our bad days and moments.

    I wish you luck in figuring everything out and that your child’s attitude changes soon.