Pool Closing Hints – End of Season Pool Closing

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I am writing this post on behalf of my husband, I don’t actually close the pool but I do get all the prep work done to help with his end of the closing.  And of course purchase all the supplies needed.

First off – get the supplies!

  • algicide – we will put up – to 18 litres in our pool
  • plumbing antifreeze – 5 jugs
  • pool closing kit – costs from our pool store under 40 dollars (in the past we have paid up-to 200 and have learnt one is no better than the other come Spring – save some money!

I also give the pool a double shock treatment the night or day before and really sweep the entire pool thoroughly.

Pool Closing Day  

This weekend for us 🙁

First thing we throw in the pool cleaner and get it going to give the pool a really good cleaning.  We have one of those Barracuda pool cleaners and can leave it running right up till the end.  Be sure if lots of debris you are cleaning out the basket on your pump regularly.

Sweep, sweep, sweep!  You want your pool really nice and clean before the cover goes on – will save you money and hard work come Spring if you close your pool nice and clean.

Get out your pool winter cover and check to see if any repairs are needed and possibly a cleaning.  We have purchased one of those mess covers that gets locked down all around the pool for that extra safety.  My job will be to raise all those lock-downs back up out of the pool concrete deck (this is back breaking and time consuming).

Time to throw in the pump and lets get the water level down.  We take the water level down about 2″ to 4″ below the jet things.  One year we went too low, that was bad come Spring, caused the liner to really shift and we have never got it to settle years later.

At this point I will also put the pool cleaner onto backwash and it will be pumping out water as it is cleaning.  We will leave the pool cleaner going right till the end, as long as it is sucking water it won’t blow the prime on the pump.  Find this also really gives the sand in the pump a really good cleaning – as there is lots and lots of water being sucked threw.

Hubby will be removing all the eyeball things around the pool and cleaning them in a bit of algecide and water.  Taking out the ladder, again giving it a good cleaning.

Turning off the heater, and sweeping it out with a snow brush, getting rid of any cob webs and debris that have gathered in there over the winter.  This is always a favorite place for a bees’ nest.

While the pump is pumping out water and the pool cleaner is pumping out water we are just checking that everything is looking good, and getting out tools for taking apart the pump.  Yes my husband dismantles the pump every year.  Remember if you are taking off any pool lines, don’t leave them open to the underground.  You don’t want any critters making homes down in there.

So now our pool is super clean, and water level is below the eye ball things (that have yet to be capped off).  Time to shut off the pumps.  This typically takes a few hours.

This is where I get to step back and just supply the beverages.  My job is done – well until it is time to put on the winter cover.

Don’t Forget the Chemicals!

Oh crap – have to put in the chemicals, I do this part while hubby is taking things apart in the pump house.  Very important!

So I put in the whole jug of algicide.  Yes it is extreme but we have had opening issues before and like to prevent the growth of that slime.  Temperature changes over the winter and spring months can cause growth of bacteria, with the extra use of chemicals we have found it makes a big difference.  Always read labels of any products you are using and of course any pool directions for your particular pool – you don’t want to damage your pool liner.

Also the pool closing kit comes with products that also will go in.  I usually put in the algicide and sweep.  Have a beverage!  In goes the chemicals for closing.  One year we didn’t read the directions correctly and put all the chemicals in before pumping off the water – well that wasn’t very smart – we pumped pretty much all the chemicals out into the yard and come Spring opened a very green/black pool.  Disgusting!  And cost us over 400 bucks to get it clean and clear.

Hubby takes over the show at this point – my only real job now is to watch for the plumbing anti-freeze to be blown out of the lines.  He does each line separately, making sure that there is lots of anti-freeze in them, preventing winter freezing.

Once he is happy that the lines have been blown clear of any water and anti-freeze is sufficient in those lines he caps them off at the pool and the pump house.  Then he does the heater, again blowing out all the water lines and also filling with anti-freeze.  We purchase the plumbing anti-freeze just from our local hardware store, inexpensive and does a good job.

I am at this point really doing nothing and my knowledge of what he is doing is null and void.

Once he is satisfied that everything is water free and anti-freeze full, he is ready for help to get on the pool winter cover, that we have spread out and in position to slide over the pool.  At this point if you can have some friends or family over to assist, you are laughing.  Over the years we have been unfortunate enough to not usually have any help with this process.  They enjoy the pool but aren’t around when you need them to help with the pool.

This is usually our breaking point of the day and hubby is usually snappy.  The winter cover is heavy and clumsy to maneuver, and I have my opinions of the way it would be easier to place and of course he has his.  This past Spring I actually put numbers on each and every tie down with the hopes it will make it easier, fingers crossed.

Well that is it.  This is our coming weekend adventure.  I hope even in a small way my experiences with closing our pool helps and don’t forget there is tons and tons of advice on-line with videos and more detailed instructions.  When the hubby and I first went to close our pool on our own we took a class offered by our pool company.

We were also fortunate enough to have a friend who had always done his and came over that very first year to help guide us through step by step.  Hubby has become a pro since and does a really good job.  And saves us a lot of money being able to do it ourselves.

Happy Fall Everyone

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