Protecting Your Family on the Road #TrustSailun

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When you’re thinking about protecting your family some of the first things you think about is providing a safe home in a safe community, providing safe healthy food and driving a safe car. Now, when I first got my vehicle I never really considered my tires. I figured as long as the car is safe, not falling apart and I drive like a responsible adult we’d be safe. Sadly, no matter how well you drive and how safe your vehicle technically is without quality tires you’re never 100% safe.

Being a new driver, I was instantly in the market for a safe, quality vehicle. Thankfully, I was offered so generously by my parents their Toyota FJ Cruiser. I didn’t hesitate on the offer as I always loved it and still do after driving it almost a year now. As a new driver, I’ve also learned the importance of checking your tires often. Check to ensure the bolts are all securely on, that there is no debris in or around your tires and the pressure is at a good driving standard. Just like a home, Tires are the foundation of your vehicle, and without a solid foundation life could come crashing around you.

Finding Quality Tires to Keep You Safe

Of course, I’ve shopped around for tires quite regularly. You never know when you’ll need a new set of tires so knowing what you’ll need before you need them is my way of avoiding a frustrating situation. I of course go to my Dad for all vehicle things and he highly recommended Sailun Tires as my tire manufacturer. I’ve used Sailun Tires in the past for off roading tires, and they did amazing getting through the muck but I never thought Sailun Tires for everyday driving, silly me. If they can handle the bush, they can handle me!

Just this summer alone, I learnt how important good tires are. On our road trip out west last summer I was confronted by a family of deer. That’s right, a FAMILY. We were just outside of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan attempting to find a hotel for the night when a family of deer decided to say hello to me.

Now, I would like to remind you I am a NEW driver. At that point I was very new. Thankfully I took driver training and had amazing tires on the truck or we would of been road meat. My tires and my quick Mama Bear reflexes saved our lives. I showed those deer who was boss, and then a big rig behind me showed me who was boss and squished a deer in front of us after he passed me mad that I slammed on brakes for the deer. FYI, watch out for flying deer on the TransCanada 1 highway. I thought I’d be safe following the big rigs, but they just plow through the deer versus slamming on brakes and moving.

Sailun Tires Wins with PTPA!

The Sailun Tires quote, even though so small it speaks so much. Having tires with me every turn of the way is refreshing. Keeping my small little family is my biggest motivation in the world. If they aren’t safe, no one is safe. My vehicle is what I like to call safe. It is big, loud and tough. It may be all those things, but it is also safe because I have quality, safe tires on it as well.

As you lovely readers know, I am a PTPA nut! They are the epic central of all things reviewed giving each and every product a full one over. When I see something win the PTPA Seal of Approval, I get giddy. This to me is the golden ticket of my wallet. If it has a PTPA seal of approval I will happily and giddly buy for myself. Recently, PTPA slapped that fancy Seal of Approval onto Sailun Tires. That’s right, these bad boys got the approval. If you don’t know about PTPA, I will gladly tell you all about them, in this previous post I wrote about them because I love PTPA so much! You can also learn more about Sailun Tires PTPA Approval┬áhere!

Sailun Tires manufactures and distributes various types of passenger and light truck, medium radial truck, and off-the-road tires in all major markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Sailun’s international teams have the ability, knowledge and long term strategies to expand in the tire industry.

Building on real world testing and continuing to develop a motorsports proven product, Sailun will continue to build the most advanced and cost-efficient platform for tire manufacturing and distribution, while utilizing its information technology and substantial research platform to help establish new tire enterprises.

In June, MommyMatter has more in store for you with Sailun Tires. You’ll have to watch our social media, Sailun Tires Facebook, Sailun Tires Twitter and PTPA to see all the excitement in June. Let’s just say, I am beyond excited and will be in good company! Follow the Twitter Hashtag #TrustSailun for up to date Sailun Tires news and information!

With You Every Turn

Disclosure: As a Brand Ambassador with PTPA and Sailun Tires, I received compensation for my participation. However, all opinions expressed on this blog are my very own.

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