Review: “Jurassic World” Movie

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My family and I spent the afternoon taking in “Jurassic World,” an adventure 65 million years in the making (or at least 22). It’s premise is a little silly. It’s romantic subplot is even more so. But, it really works for what it’s supposed to be: something you sit back and enjoy for a couple of hours. In fact, I’ll say that this will undoubtedly end up being one of our favorite movies of the summer.

Jurassic World Image Courtesy of @JurassicWorld Twitter.

“Jurassic World” Image Courtesy of @JurassicWorld Twitter.

I’ve already mentioned that I think the idea behind the movie isn’t spectacular, but I think that’s actually ok. After all, you don’t really go see “Jurassic World” for the story. Instead, you expect to see lots of amazing special effects and dino’s crunching on all types of things; the movie provides that aplenty. What do we get for a story? Well, you would think by now that people would realize that dinosaurs and theme parks simply don’t mix. But alas, that’s obviously not the case, as 22 years after the original movie, we have a new “Jurassic World” theme park that has opened on an island off of Costa Rica in the same location as the original park.

Not only have park visitors and owners not gotten any smarter about packing dinosaurs into enclosed spaces with human beings, they’ve actually somehow are much worse than before. How could they be worse? Well, there’s a line in the movie that says that park visitors don’t really look at a dinosaur any differently than they do an elephant at the zoo. The dinosaurs and theme park are supposedly so boring to everyone that Zach (Nick Robinson), the older of two brothers, doesn’t really even want to visit the park at all. On the other hand, his younger brother Gray (Ty Simpkins), loves everything dinosaur related and seems amazed by everything he sees at the park. Because park visitors (besides Gray that is) are simply bored with “regular” man-eating dinosaurs like T-Rex, the park needs to have something bigger to bring people in. So, what does the braintrust of the park do? Well, they decided to create their own genetically modified dinosaur with all kinds of neat tricks… and more teeth… and of course, more problems.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays the role of Claire, and she’s the one actually in charge of the park. She’s also the Aunt to the aforementioned brothers, is all business, maternally clueless, doesn’t have any idea how to have fun, and has been on a single date with the park’s resident dino expert/trainer (ya, I know trainer seems a little silly but that’s what he is), Owen, played by Chris Pratt. Owen is everything Claire is not. He trains velociraptors and hates what Claire and the ownership have done with the animals as they chase another buck. The story is predictable, so much so that I can summarize it easily as follows: the boys get themselves in trouble, there’s lots of dinosaurs eating things, Auntie Claire and Owen come to the rescue, Auntie Claire and Owen apparently ride off into the sunset, the end.

I didn’t have huge expectations for the movie, and seeing how things were looking leading up to it, I had even less that before. But, somehow this movie works, even with all of this silliness for a storyline. The acting is actually very good and the visuals are nothing short of amazing. The film has more than a few things that provide a bit of nostalgia including the old “Jurassic Park” Jeep, parts of the original theme park make appearances as well, and there are lots of more subtle hidden objects as well (yes, we noticed you Mr. DNA Mascot). We enjoyed all of the original nods that we noticed and can’t wait to watch it again on Blu-ray to find all of the other items that I’m sure are there. Overall, “Jurassic World” is great popcorn entertainment from start to finish.

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  • Great popcorn movie.


  • Might frighten younger children.
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