Six Ways To Simplify Your Life

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Being on this planet for over 40 years, I have found ways to help simplify my hectic daily schedule.

Take a peek and share your thoughts with me. I am sure I did not think of everything, and I would love your input.

Get rid of things you don’t need:

Go through your closets and cupboards and really think about keeping or donating/throwing away items. Being someone that has moved multiple times, I have found that you don’t need to keep everything. If you haven’t worn an item in more than 6 months, chances are you are not going to ever wear it. I have a lot of keepsakes from my childhood, as well as my husband’s and son’s, but you should see what is most important to save and what is not. If something is going to stay boxed up and you are not displaying it, you may not need for it to take up space.

As a busy mom, I find that being organized helps me feel comfortable, so by being “simple” helps me feel lighter. So, when your birthday, Christmas, etc. comes around and you receive gifts, decide what to do with them asap. If something doesn’t fit – take it back. If you don’t think you will use it – take it back. You get the idea! 🙂

Social media:

Watch how much time you spend on social media and the internet in general. I mean, these days everyone loves to be in contact with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, etc., but it is time consuming. If you try to watch how much of your time is taken up with these sources and others, you might see that if you cut out some of it, you will be able to use your precious time for crafting, making a new recipe, painting your nails or just reading a good book.

I have been trying to limit the time that I spend online. I need to research and read as much as possible to be able to come up with ideas for my blogs (I am the editor and owner of this site and, but I have taken out the extraneous sites and people that do not pertain to me, so that I am not distracted with information that is not necessary for my work.

I know it probably sounds funny that I am telling you this, as I am hoping that you will be reading my blog – but I wish you good luck with this! 🙂


I wrote an article the other day on how I like to keep up on my house cleaning. You can read that here.


To make your shopping trip easier, be sure to have a list of everything you need. As you use up the butter, eggs and milk, jot it down on a piece of paper, your tablet, etc. and always have it with you. Enlist your family to not just tell you that they are out of shampoo, but to make them write it down. I know that I cannot remember everything. In fact, I have found my mind drawing a blank going into a store and only needing 3 items! We are all so strapped for time, that it just takes that pressure off of you – as you are probably thinking of a million other things you need to get done – to have that list handy.


This may seem like I am adding something to your daily schedule, instead of deleting, but I have been feeling so much better physically and mentally by walking every day. In my opinion, it is a must to help clear my mind and focus on doing something healthy for myself, which will in turn trickle down to everything else that you need to do daily. My husband has been able to walk with me, and I find this time is so needed to catch up on what is going on with each of us and to stay on track.

Paying your bills:

Be sure to have a spreadsheet of when your bills are due and what the payments are, so that you can get them paid on time. If you can, have them come out of your bank account automatically, so that is one less thing for you to do.

The whole key to simplifying is so that you will have more time to spend with your family and friends and doing things you love. When your family wants to take a spontaneous trip or your husband wants to take you to lunch, you won’t feel so tied down to your house and responsibilities that you can easily say, “Yeah – that sounds great!”

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