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While navigating the Internet this morning, I came across some dreadful stuff on Facebook & Twitter this morning that made my skin crawl in disgust.

The trending of #Cutting4Bieber and several other variations spamming across the Twitter stream and now Facebook all because the infamous Justin Bieber smoked a joint. I am not one to really follow the lives of famous people.

I don’t care at all what they are wearing today or if they got busted doing drugs.

Why would I?

They have no idea I even exist so why should I get my panties in a bunch for the things they decide to do with their life.

Social Media is Destroying our Kids 

Growing up, we had computers but we had rules and boundaries with them. Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist yet and social media was these tiny little self made sites that few people used. Computers were for research and school work, and the occasional game of Age of Empires. They weren’t used for cyber bullying and definitely weren’t used to attract the attention of a famous person by encouraging others of self harm.

Sadly, things have changed and many of our lives resolve around the Internet. Kids have social media before they are even in the 7th grade and friend every human being they come across. Their lives are plastered on the Internet for everyone to see and opening the doorways to unacceptable slander. Many kids post every little thought or feeling they have across social media, which is soon followed by heart wrenching bullying and just plain old meanness.

Personally, I think social media is destroying our world. Yes, I have it. Yes, I use it. No, I don’t put my life all over it. Some things I will put, some things I won’t. If I don’t want to remember a certain event I don’t talk about it and I definitely don’t share it online. I keep my virtual friends to a minimum. I don’t like everyone seeing my beautiful children and I really don’t like the idea of having people on my social media that I don’t associate with on a regular basis. If I don’t consider you a good friend, there is a slim chance I have you on my personal Facebook.

As my kids are growing older, they know about the existence of social media. My kids, are 5 & 6. They know that Facebook exists. They also know that I use it. Another thing they know, is that they are not allowed. They can’t sit on my iPad and be surfing through it looking at pictures of others. It’s forbidden. I don’t even friend parents of their friends from school to plan a play date. Why? Because phones still exist and just because our kids go to school together doesn’t mean they have to know our whole life. I don’t generally associate with others at our school. I stand outside, pick up my kids and come home. I’m not anti-social, I just don’t care to have a full fledge conversation with people who in reality wouldn’t associate with me if our kids didn’t have class together.

Preventing the Social Media Fail

One of the best ways to avoid social media destroying your life and your child’s, have rules. If you don’t want an employer or someone of authority seeing it, don’t post it. If you don’t want your child’s life plastered all over the Internet, restrict them and have access to everything they use. Know who they are talking too and what they are doing virtually. Being a noisy parent could actually save your child’s life.

When my kids reach the age of nagging to use computers, let’s just say I will probably be that parent who hoovers. They won’t have cell phones or anything of the sort until they have jobs to pay for them. At which point they are old enough to have some adult responsibility and not require me monitoring their every movement. Their online world will be restricted heavily. I know cyber bullying is huge and will continue to grow if there isn’t any restrictions placed onto our kids. I’d like to know if my child is being bullied or bullying, and if they are they’ll be banned from using computers and technology. Why? Because they are doing something that is not acceptable and if I just allow it to continue one day it could destroy the life of someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Social media is probably the worst thing that ever came to life. Sure, it is great for interacting and for businesses to share the latest and greatest. Sadly, it is not something a person should use if they can’t be responsible with it. This whole Justin Bieber situation is just proof of that. A hoax over something he did encouraging fans to harm themselves and to post on social media to hopefully get his attention, is bad. Now, if I was to go out, smoke a blunt and post a picture online, no one would request such a thing. I am just another human being on the face of this earth.

Why do celebrities have to get such treatment for the things they do in their life? I don’t care if he smoked up, he’s human. I will still listen to his music and allow my child too. He did what millions of other young adults do. Sadly, he’s famous so it all gets blown out of proportion.  I just hope by the time my kids are tweens/teens, social media no longer exists.

Do you restrict your child from using social media? How do you think you’ll handle their usage when they are of age?

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8 thoughts on “Social Media is Destroying the Lives of Many

  • Hollie Pollard

    Another way to look at this is with the question what is all this Social stuff doing to us? With more and more people spending more and more time time in front of a computer are we connecting or disconnecting? It is easy to merely play a role online and never get out the door.

    Now as for our kids, I believe in nanny software, my teen even has it on her computer and knows it. I get a report every day of her activity online. But more importantly she knows I will walk in to see what she is doing, she knows when it comes to her Facebook account the only people she can add are people she knows in person, and family. We have had strict rules for her the net is where she goes to watch music videos, Netflix, play a few games and do homework, I am ever so thankful she does not sit around and chat or text for hours on end but we set these boundaries years ago and they are important to have.

  • SamiJoe

    I couldn’t agree more with all of it. I saw the posts about Bieber the other day and I thought, who cares? His music is groovy, he’s in his late teens… enjoy the toke. Not my problem.

    Cutting yourself and posting it on Twitter/FB?? WHoa! That is the larger issue.

  • Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

    Social media is terrible for children who aren’t responsible to harness the impact it carries. Terrible things have occurred because of it. Did you hear about the 22 year-old rapper who tweeted until the moment he committed suicide? Horrific.

  • Wendy [mapsgirl]

    Our jobs as parents get harder and harder as technology and connectivity online increase. I’m on social networks and my husband’s job is managing social media for a large company so our kids know what it is. Does it mean that they’re allowed to use it? NO!

    When it is time for them to get an account, and I don’t know when that will be, we will have a lot of open communication about what their online activity is. And they will need to understand that we need to know what is going on, not because we’re prying, but because we need to keep them safe.

  • Jennifer

    I tend to agree, it is very very hard to be a kid today in a world where nothing is ever private and bullies lurk behind their computer screens. scary.

  • SoberJulie

    We as parents must understand the power and possibility that the internet has created. When put into the hands of a child it can be seriously detrimental if not guided. It’s my job to be as knowledgeable as possible and inflict restrictions.

  • Everything Mom and Baby

    I thought the cutting was a hoax from what I heard online? Whatever it is it is sick and dumb that people would actually cut themselves?

    My son is quite young and since society has changed a lot since we were kids I will have a strict hold on how much social media he gets into. I will cut out a lot of things as there is no quality tv shows anymore for kids anyways. It’ll be a journey but I won’t know it til I get there!