Spring Fertilizing

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Spring lawn fertilizer is crucial for a lush lawn year-round. If it isn’t done right, you could find yourself having a lot of grass issues all year long. Stop hurting your lawn and use our spring fertilizing tips now!

Healthy Lawns – Spring Lawn Fertilizer

The start of spring brings a sense of renewal. Light jackets replace heavy coats; people enjoy outdoor activities; and flowers begin to bloom. Just as homeowners embark on spring cleaning within their home, it’s just as important to nurture their lawn.

Spring lawn fertilizer is a vital part of spring cleaning your lawn, but you must pay careful attention to the type of fertilizer you use and how much you apply. The primary reason spring lawn care is important is to prepare the lawn for the dehydrating months of summer. Many grass types need to establish a strong and sturdy root system in the spring to endure the harsh conditions of summer; therefore, a lawn needs tender loving care as the spring approaches.

Spring lawn fertilizer is highly beneficial if the right amount is applied to the lawn. One mistake many homeowners make is thinking that lawn care and maintenance begins in the spring. Achieving a healthy lawn requires ongoing maintenance.

Think of it like this: A person who exercises frequently and regularly is likely to be healthier than someone who only works out vigorously during particular periods of the year. The same is true for lawn care. While spring lawn fertilizer and maintenance is an important step in obtaining a beautiful lawn, a lawn must be nurtured throughout the year.

Too Much Spring Lawn Fertilizer Is Not a Good Thing

Oftentimes, people get ‘fertilizer happy’ when it comes to feeding their lawn. While they have good intentions-to obtain an incredibly green lawn-too much fertilizer isn’t always a good thing, especially in the spring. An excessive amount of spring lawn fertilizer can cause weed growth and disease.

In addition to limiting the amount of spring lawn fertilizer you apply to your lawn, it’s also important that you do not apply the fertilizer at the very start of spring. Many homeowners are eager to get outside and begin yard work immediately, but early spring fertilization can actually defeat the purpose of feeding your lawn.

Although your lawn will develop into a beautiful green color after application, fertilizing it too early in the spring encourages top growth and thus, damages the root system. If the roots of a lawn are fragile and weak, they’re less likely to withstand the dry and hot conditions of summer.

What’s more, the spring lawn fertilizer you choose should include less nitrogen and more phosphorous to promote strong and healthy roots.

What You’ll Need for Fertilizing

Perfectly Natural Winter Prep Lawn Fertilizer 4-0-12 Perfectly Natural Winter Prep Lawn Fertilizer 4-0-12Enjoy a thick, lush, green lawn, naturally! Perfectly Natural 4-0-12 lawn fertilizer allows your lawn to withstand the stress of winter and green-up fast in the spring. Made from 100% natural ingredients only, Perfectly Natural is safe and worry free for your entire household.

Comfort Spreader 300 Comfort Spreader 300This is the ideal fetilizer spreader for lawns up to 300 square metres. Gardena products are intelligently designed, dependable and easy-to-use so you can spend less time taking care of your lawn and garden, and more time enjoying the beauty you’ve helped create.

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