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As much as your kids will tell you they can’t wait for summer, the words “I’m bored,” inevitably cross their lips – sometimes sooner than you think! While children do enjoy the freedom that comes with the summer months, they still like to have a little structure to their fun. With this being WeeMan’s first summer break from school, I am very determined to keep all the progress he had at school continue going. His teachers worked very hard with him to get him caught up with the class, and I can’t let all that hard work go to waste.

For his first year of school, we lucked out and had amazing teachers. One in particular worked very hard with him and myself to help make the experience a great one for all of us. She had the patience I dream of, and was very understanding to his very overly powerful emotions. He is a very dramatic little boy, that can be hard to handle some days, but she never gave up. She saw the good in him many of us see, and worked the hardest she could to make things easier on all of us. Any issue that arised, she talked to me about it and we worked together to kick it to the curb. She became a huge part of our lives and our disciplinary measures, and we have all kept the same rules over the past year of school to make life easier on all of us. We are really going to miss her in the fall, as she’s switched schools. Yes, I am very saddened by this. I was really hoping she’d teach there forever. I developed a great friendship with her over the past year and was very happy with everything she has done for my little BuggaBoo!

So what does that mean for our summer? MommyMatter Summer School!

Summer Homeschooling

This is not a new thing for me to look into. When WeeMan started school he was very wary on wanting to go, so I of course looked at all our options, homeschooling being one of them. Our home is going to become our school. Don’t worry, we will still do fun summer activities, but they will all involve some sort of learning experience. His report card really laid out where he was struggling, where he was progressing and where he was doing great, which is definitely going to make this whole process a lot easier.

Summer homeschooling doesn’t have to be a scary thing, especially with young children. If you know your ABC’s and 1 2 3’s you are pretty good to go.

Identifying Letters

My first goal is to have WeeMan identifying every letter in the alphabet. Sure, he knows his alphabet, but upon me testing him and where he was at with his alphabet, he struggles identifying all the letters. He knows the letters in his name, and a select few, but it doesn’t go too far.

It is impossible to read if you can’t actually tell what every letter is in the words, so this is one thing we must conquer, fast!

The Sounds Letters Make

After we’ve conquered identifying the letters, we will begin working on the sounds each letter makes and then progressing into combining letters to make different sounds. This will involve writing small words by sounding them out. It won’t matter if they are spelt right to start, just as long as he can identify the sounds they are making. Vowels can be hard on a kid as they can have so many different sounds when combined with other letters.

You may be wondering why I am not doing the sounds and identifying together. I am doing everything individually as I want him to grasp things one at a time, instead of flustering him and making him unwilling to do things.

Adding and Subtracting

This is not something he struggles massively with, but I want to keep him doing it. He loves counting at every meal the number of bites he has left, and I will keep pushing this and getting him to tell me how many bites he’s taken away. There are so many learning curves to math, that it can literally be done anywhere.

Read, Read, Read!

Reading is a must in my home. I read avidly and write a lot, so knowing how to read is very important to me. As he learns letters and sounds, it will become a lot easier for him to read, making it a much more enjoyable experience for him. Every single day he will pick his book and hopefully by the end of the day he can spell out all the words and read them to me. Spelling out the words is a great way for children to identify words and figure out what they say. Might take an hour to read a ten page book, but that is well worth the hour when he can read it out loud to me all by himself!

Physical Activities

With it being summer, this is of course a must have. It seemed that one thing WeeMan struggled with in school was participating in group activities such as gym. I want to conquer his fear of getting hurt or not doing something right, and get him willing to try anything. This of course started tonight with Mommy by throwing a football to eachother, and me throwing it a little close for his likings. He quickly learned that the ball wasn’t going to hurt him and it was okay if he threw it incorrectly as well.

We will also be working on learning to swim this summer and kicking that fear to the curb. He is very afraid of the pool if anyone is near him, and I want him to feel safe. Pools aren’t scary if you use proper safety and awareness, another thing every child should learn.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is a must have for WeeMan. He is a very picky eater and I want him to experience the many foods he would normally fuss about. This will involve a lot of fights and melt downs, but it will be worth it in the end when he sits down and eats everything I give him without a peep. There will be many meals he will not want to eat, but eventually he will give in as his hunger will make him.

As you can see, I have a very busy summer! With my children still being quite young, I want to take advantage of this and keep their brains going 24/7. It will involve a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of effort, but it will be worth it when they are straight A students all through school.

Are you considering doing summer homeschooling with your children? Let us know, we’d love to hear what your plans are for your children’s education this summer!

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  • Elena

    I am a mom of 2 wonderful boys, age 4 and 6 and I give time to play until 15th of July. Homeschooling starting with 16-20th July like 4 Hours per day in the morning.