Surviving the Dinner Time Rush #LMDConnector Style! 1

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School is officially in full swing, lots of lunches needing made, homework being done and just all around chaos. Since I am doing the dinner time rush on my own, I am doing a lot of prep ahead meals because let’s face it, I’m busy. My son takes about an hour and a bit to do homework/review, and my daughter is just all over the place.

The past two weeks we also were babysitting my brother’s dog, so that added on another responsibility to my evening mad dashes.

Since I am all about minimizing the stress at meal time and avoiding those meal time cope outs, I do prep a lot of my meals ahead of time. Lunches, definitely ahead! It is rare I am doing things the moment they are requiring cooked. Sunday night, is my busiest night of the week preparing all the foods for the rest of the week. I spend the majority of my Sunday baking and chopping up fruit and vegetables. Usually by Wednesday I am fresh out of fresh fruit and veggies, so I of course have to redo this prep work mid-week.

Best investment in my home, slow cookers. I have two. Yep! I have a large one, and a small one. I also have a T-Fal Grill and a Cuisinart counter top mixer. All I’m missing is a stove, oh wait, I do have one of those. I just don’t use it often!

I can prep two nights of meals with my slow cookers. The small one is the one I use when it is a meal specifically for just the kids. This does happen a lot. There are a lot of nights they eat at their little table in the kitchen while I just pick, and tidy. Being on my own makes meal time the perfect time for me to tidy up all those messes made throughout the day. Once one child is done eating, they are right into the tub (unless it’s gorgeous out) and then the next finishes while the other bathes. Multi-tasking at it’s best around here.

Now, the hardest part of all my meals, is the meal plan. I don’t like buying tons of groceries because well, we never eat it and it sits in the freezer for months. We aren’t big red meat eaters in our home and it is rare I will grill up a steak because well, yuck. I don’t like red meat. I do however cook it once a week for the kids. This is usually a meal I don’t eat.

For the past few months I’ve turned to Life Made Delicious for many of my meal plan ideas. Sure, I am big cook. I love to cook. Add school to the mix, and this Mama ain’t cooking any fancy roasts, filets, natta! I’m exhausted by 6pm, and I usually still have 3 hours of work to do after I get the kids to bed. I try my hardest to not over do it because I know the kids really don’t care. They just want fed, they don’t need a full out five course meal, all they care about is dessert.

Creating Meal Plans with Life Made Delicious

One of my favourite things about Life Made Delicious is the great meal ideas they have each and every week. As a Mom doing all the cooking, it is sometimes real hard to come up with ideas on what to cook. Thank goodness for LMD!

This week, this is our meal plan inspired completely by Life Made Delicious!

Monday – Impossibly Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
Tuesday – Bow Ties with Chicken and Asparagus Recipe
Wednesday – Back-to-School Chicken-Veggie Casserole Recipe

Now you might be thinking, that is only 3 days worth of meals. Well, that’s because around here we have a routine. Thursday night is spaghetti night and Friday night is Pizza Party Night, so those days I don’t count into our meal plan. We’ve had these nights for years and no plan on changing that.

Weekends I just go with whatever is left in the fridge from the week, because I truly hate throwing out food. It’s a waste.

Is there ways you get through the mad dash of the dinner rush? Do you plan ahead like us? Tell us how you survive!!

“Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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