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Must Have Mother’s Day Gifts… NOT!

Oh Mother's Day, a day I am not looking forward too as I am once again alone on Mother's Day and it is a little bit depressing to say the least. Mother's Day is coming up fast. So fast that even my own kids have...

Selecting Red Dresses for Juniors

One staple in any juniors wardrobe is that perfect red dress, whether for graduation, prom or fun. Parents may find though, that it can be complicated selecting red dresses for juniors that match the years fashion styles. There are a few steps a parent can take...

Easy Shopping with Preschoolers in Tow

Whether you are going for groceries or shopping for other necessities, you want to get the job done without stress. Preschoolers are at that age where they get bored and just don't want to be sitting in a cart perusing the aisles with you. They...

Online Shopping in Canada

Recently, MommyMatter has discovered that a lot of our followers are also fellow Canadians bombarded with the inability to shop online and get the coupon discounts like our American neighbours are receiving. This has of course spiked some interest in us here at MommyMatter and...

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