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TOMS Giving Goes Local! #OneforOne Now in the US!

As many of you know, around here MommyMatter are what many would call TOMS addicts. We love them and everything they do for our world. We love them so much; we are exceeding 50 pairs of TOMS Shoes between myself, Annette & the kids. Everyone...

TOMS Shoes Choice of the Month

Each and every month we are going to select a pair of TOMS that we are guaranteed going to be wearing many times throughout. Whether they are new TOMS Styles or previous TOMS Styles, there is guaranteed a pair of TOMS we have on our...

TOMS Free Shipping

Every once in awhile TOMS does a free shipping promotion for all their customers, and it is something we love to get! Shipping costs can add up fast, and when you can get free shipping on your orders, we are of course going to get...

TOMS Movember Shoes Giveaway

Looks like we are doing ANOTHER TOMS giveaway. Okay I know, we are doing these a lot more lately, but how could we not? We love TOMS Shoes and love their One for One movement. This time the giveaway is going to be a lot...

We Made It

The grandchildren are back in their own home, Mom is back and life continues on.  Grama and Papa made it, all our fingers and toes are still intact, maybe minus a few hairs (wish it was the grey ones) but life is getting back to...

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