@Target_CA Turns From Hype to Displeasure 2

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Many of us little ole Canadians have been quite excited for the opening of Target’s all throughout Canada. I’ve spent countless weeks waiting, watching the stores be built and crossing my fingers I would get the Americanized visit. I made the mistake first off going on opening day this week in our little area.

Now, I hate crowds but I also have lots of fun in them too. I am a person, if I am out and have zero timeframe I am going to walk slow like a turtle. My turtle speed can of course tick off a lot of people but I just smile and enjoy my day. Target was a zoo on opening day. This I knew was going to happen.

Today, Annette & I ventured there and we lucked out it wasn’t too busy at all. We had one nasty chick that felt like she was god, but again I had some fun and ignored her ignorance.

Target Pricing Kills Me

I am not a bargain shopper by no means. I however will not get ripped off at the same time. Opening day I was about to buy The Hobbit, but decided I best check the price at other locations because yes, the $42.99 price tag seemed a little steep. Well ladies and gents, I was right! It was not only a little steep but it was way steep. I got the same DVD/BluRay/UltraViolet set at WalMart for $21.99. Hello?! $20 price gap. Explain that one Target.

If you’ve read MommyMatter for a while you know we aren’t big WalMart fans and avoid them at all costs, but in this instance I put away my grudge and bought The Hobbit at an actual reasonable price.

Upon walking throughout Target I discovered a lot of items are very high priced compared to many other locations, not just WalMart. Various grocery items are expensive, clothing for kids is higher and clothing for adults is also much higher. Being someone who has ventured to Target in the US on many occasions I expected quality pricing on quality products. Apparently not in Canada.

Size Does Matter

There is one thing I wish stores would do when designing their floor layouts, consider their cart sizing. Put two carts in an aisle side by side and add a child to the side of said carts. Can you comfortably get down the aisle and not be hitting anything? Well, not at Target!

Aisle sizing sucks in all areas. This is something I heard many people complaining about walking through the store and many people also stating they will not be returning for this exact reason.

This means, me going to Target with my children ever again is very unlikely. When I took them with me, not only was I frustrated but so were they. My poor son just wanted to look at Lego but kept getting pushed by carts of others because one individual cart was taking up the WHOLE aisle.

Sure, the cart sizes are awesome. Sadly, I don’t see myself ever filling one because of the discomfort in the stores and the high prices of everyday items.

Will We Be Target Canada Shoppers? 

At this point, I don’t see myself being a regular Target shopper. They have a lot of kinks to fix before I would consider them on my regular store list. Sure it is nice to have a lot of products in a store, but if the aisles are too small to even get to them they won’t sell now will they?

Yes they have a lot of the product lines I loved in the States, but I am not going to fight my way down an aisle to get them. The clothing sadly, I don’t see myself ever wearing. The pricing for tank tops was outrageous and the pants, shesh! Also, the sizing options is not acceptable either. Some items I prefer larger then what I actually wear but the sizing isn’t even there. What about us ladies who need a little larger? Is that going to happen or are you just catering to the skinny chicks?

Last thing I am going to rant about. The smell. The moment we walked in the smell in our local Target was gut wrenching. Yes, sadly the smell of burnt coffee right when you walk in is bad. Starbucks is in a weird location versus what I am used to in the States and the smell it is giving off instantly makes me think the store is not clean.

Here’s hoping Target can sort themselves out or I can see a lot of the locals boycotting you just like many have done to our local WalMart. Convenience is nice, but only when it isn’t outrageously priced! Don’t look for me there, I am likely not going to get past the Starbucks ever again as that will become the only reason I step foot into the store!

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2 thoughts on “@Target_CA Turns From Hype to Displeasure

  • orangeheromama

    All I can hope is that with the openings still being considered ‘soft openings’ that they will do something about their pricing?
    I hope!!

  • Elizabeth L

    That’s funny, I haven’t been to Target here yet but a few ladies at work were discussing this last week. They said it was basically a cleaned up Zellers. They didn’t see any of the American brands that make Target in the USA so awesome – instead they found nothing but typical Zellers brands. They were also really surprised about the prices and noticed streams of people leaving without bags in their hands.