The Magic Romper from SoRad #Review

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Baby products, an item I never heavily thought into when my own children were young but something I really do my research on now with my beautiful Rhei Rhei. I’ve had the joy of having my beautiful Rhei around for over a month now and the joy of testing out endless products with her to find some of the best baby products on the market. When my kids were young, I bought anything that was cheap. With Rhei, I do my research and make sure I am getting a bang for my buck.

I was recently introduced to a company based in Canada that has some of the best clothing I’ve ever put on a baby. With my WeeMan being a fussy dresser, I’ve always learned how to find amazing clothing fabrics at a decent price. Now, with Rhei I’ve of course had fun shopping for her now that I know how to do it and maintain a good budget. In this post, we are discussing a clothing company that has not only become a must have in our home but a line I’ll continue to buy for her as she grows.

The Magic Romper Product Review 

Let’s get into it shall we!

So Rad is a Canadian based business that offers eco hip, luxurious clothing for babies and toddlers. I instantly fell in love with the Magic Romper the moment we touched the fabic. The Magic Romper is made of 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton. Can you say soft? The outfit is softer then my sheets! When softness is in play, I am generally entering game over at this point. Baby clothes are meant to be soft and comfortable, yet versatile and practical.

Softness was no where near lacking in this outfit. Rhei was instant smiles the moment we got her into her Magic Romper and was very excited to eat her toes in it.

Design of the Magic Romper 

The design of the Magic Romper at first had me a little skeptical. We sat on the floor with it in our hands staring at it trying to determine exactly how we are supposed to get it on Rhei, without any snaps, buttons, zippers or velcro. It was a lot easier then it looks.

The steps are pretty simple on how to get the Magic Romper onto your child. So simple, this out of practice Mama was able to get it done!

  1. Place Magic Romper onto cuties legs
  2. Pull Magic Romper up cuties body
  3. Place one arm into Magic Romper arm cavity
  4. Place second arm into other Magic Romper arm cavity
  5. Ta da!
Of course, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve had to dress my children so I was floored at the design of the Magic Romper. Things have come a long way in the past 5 years of my “babies” growing up. Thankfully Rhei gives me the opportunity to still enjoy the baby years all over again.

In Canada, childrens clothing has a few guidelines to follow with the Hazardous Products Act for flammability of textile products. Health Canada regulates this and all Canadian products must pass. So Rad has got the green light in this department and also complies with the CPSC & FTA Regulations. This is something that I always thought about when my children were young and was very pleased to learn that So Rad complies with it all!

Cloth Diapering Gets Some Room

Baby Rhei is of course a new age child and all about cloth diapering. We quickly learned that when it comes to buying clothes for Baby Rhei, we’ve got to always consider the cloth diaper. Some outfits they just plain old don’t fit and others just sit a little too snug. Cloth diapering is still so new, even though it technically isn’t, that not many clothing brands have decided their outfits accordingly.

The Magic Romper is the perfect outfit for any parent cloth diapering. Not only is there tons of space for the cloth diaper but the rear access entry door makes it a breeze to change your cuties bootie. Having to take off multiple layers to change a child’s diaper is not only frustrating, but a step I always want to avoid. The Magic Romper has done just that with it’s back entry!


The Magic Romper from So Rad is officially one of our favourite Canadian baby clothing companies. They offer a huge array of options and designs so you can get something for your little beans. The Magic Romper is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to their styles and designs. Check them out and see what we are talking about today!

Shop So Rad today! 


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