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Dear men, if you get a topsy turvy tummy at the thought of tampons and womenly things, then you may want to just skip this post. My suggestion, go read my top Sharper Image gift ideas that is all techie junk that you men love! This post is something other females may be able to relate too and you just may want to run away. If you don’t, leave me a comment and tell me your manly thoughts!

The Unorganized Tampax Box

There is one thing I hate and sends my mind for a whirl when I am already dealing with something I hate. I am female. I deal with what I like to call the monthly curse. It is the days I long to have been born with a pecker and the days I curse my brothers for having. It is also the days I consume excess amounts of chocolates and pop because yes, they do make me feel better.

My monthly curse is horrendous. It comes with ovaries destroying knife like pains, massive migraines and the dreaded gorging of all things delicious. Day one leaves me keeled over on the couch cursing all things male. It is the day I curse my mother for giving me an innie instead of an outie. It is HELL.

Now, up in Canada our Tampax boxes are very well organized. So organized that I’ve never had to complain before. Now, this month since I am in the states I am having a whole new sector of ‘you got to be kidding me’ when dealing with the urge to rip my insides out.

The tampax boxes aren’t organized. I buy multipacks because well, they are just plain logical. You get multiple tampon absorbances in one box. Score! I am not going to be a super or regular my whole 7 days, so why not buy the multipack. See men, this is why I thought you wouldn’t want to read.

When you are already cursing your curse, the last thing you want to have to do is root through an unorganized box to find what you need. No. You want to find it in an instant. Zero thought, zero frustration.

But no. Let’s send us already vibrating with anger women for a whirl with an unorganized box of tampons. Are you freaking kidding me?!

Worst part, they aren’t even bright colours that you can differ easily like at home. No. You got to look for that itsy bitsy symbol while already frustrated you are using these pricken things. Again, I wish I had a pecker!

Monthly Curse from Hell

God gave us ladies the joys of giving birth. When I am on my curse, this is the last thing I am thinking about. All I got running through my head is, WOO HOO! I’m not pregnant for another month. Why can’t a tampon company say that on the box. Congratulations, you won’t be pushing out another human being in 9 months, you win a prize! No, we got to get a full out diagram showing us how to use these bad boys plus a list of all the side effects that could occur from use.

Why couldn’t you put a coupon for free chocolate or something of use??

A woman deals with a monthly curse for many years. It isn’t something that ever gets enjoyable. It isn’t something we look forward too, well unless we are dealing with the “oh shit am I pregnant” thoughts. It is just plain old mean. Why’d we get this bloody curse (hehehe)?

I hate when things you expect organized are an absolute disaster. It’s like the box is laughing at you. HAHAHA you are already dealing with a hellish event, let me be unorganized to make you even madder.

Would an unorganized tampax box send your mind for a whirl? Am I the only crazy one in this world who gets their blood boiling by an unorganized tampax box?

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6 thoughts on “The Unorganized Tampax Box

  • @Mommy_Jennof3

    OMG! LMAO!! That was an amazing post! I really needed a good laugh and you provided it! The worse part is I CAN RELATE 100%!! (especially the Thank God I’m not pregnant! lol!) I love my kids but i’m a planner and a worrier! lol! Thank you for this post!

  • paula schuck

    Hahaha! Don’t have the problem anymore but wow that was a funny post. You are comical. I did used to find it wasteful to have to buy both huge boxes of both absorbencies. But well you know as they say, if men got their periods we would be extinct.

  • Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel

    Chaos and clutter drives me crazy. It is a source of great anxiety for me. So, while a tampax box might not make my blood boil. Pretty much everything else that is disorganized does. Since becoming a mother I have so much less time to stay organized.

  • Cheryl

    Ha! Too funny! I can’t say I’ve ever gotten upset with an unorganized box before. I can totally relate to the chocolate and pop though!

  • Brandi

    LOL omg too funny. I SO agree with you that they should put a coupon for a free chocolate in the box! GENIUS! I, too, divulge in chocolate during that time and YES it really does make me feel better! lol. I would be frustrated with that box by the sounds of it as well. Us Canucks must be better organized I guess right? 😉