Three Classic Halloween Costumes on a Budget

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Making classic Halloween costumes on a budget is easy if you are willing to put in a little bit of time and effort. With ready-made Halloween costumes climbing into the hundred dollar range, making classic Halloween costumes instead of buying them ready-made at the store can save you a lot of cash. This is great news for parents looking to costume the kids in style, or for any grown-up who wants to have some classic Halloween fun without busting the weekly budget.

If you’re looking for a fun way to dress up this spooky holiday, try one of these three classic Halloween costumes on a budget, and scare up a little fun as a mummy, a royal, or a ghost.

Classic Halloween Mummy

When you think of classic Halloween costumes, a mummy is one of the very first images that pops to mind. A mummy is a great choice for anyone making Halloween costumes on a budget, because all you need is a bit of muslin and some safety pins. Start out at a fabric shop and purchase a few yards of white or off-white muslin; between five and ten dollars worth should do the trick. Then, head home and make your “bandages.” For the ragged edges that are a crucial part of this classic Halloween costume, you’ll want to tear the strips instead of cutting them.

To get a tear started, snip about one inch straight in at the edge of the muslin along the weave of the fabric, then grab hold of a side with each hand and tear away. Once you have all the strips for your budget mummy, it’s time to get wrapping. This part of the process is a blast, and is the reason why the mummy is one of the most fun classic Halloween costumes to make. Just safety pin one end of a strip to your clothes, loosely wrap the fabric up your limbs and around your torso, and secure the other end with another pin. Ta-Da!

For an extra spooky effect, leave a few short strips hanging. Your mummy will look best if you start out dressed in all white, because then any gaps in the “bandages” will blend it, but even if you’re wearing neon orange, the idea will still come across. Stay safe by wrapping loosely so that you don’t restrict freedom of movement or blood circulation, and stop wrapping a few inches above the ankle so that there aren’t any dangling pieces to trip over.

Classic Halloween Royalty

Kids and adults love classic Halloween costumes that let them dress up as powerful and glamorous figures like Kings, Queens, and Princesses. Ironically, glitzy royalty costumes are some of the easiest classic Halloween costumes to make on a budget. All you really need in order to sell yourself as a holiday royal is a crown, and there are two easy ways to make them on a budget. For the easiest and cheapest crown possible, get a piece of poster board or construction paper, wrap it around the royal’s head, tape it, then cut the top into points and draw crayon or marker “jewels” all over it.

For a crown that takes a bit more effort but offers a bit more glamour, make a crown out of flexible cardboard, and then wrap it with aluminum foil. Add a sweeping cape made from a piece of fabric or, in a pinch, a bathroom towel, secured with safety pins, and you’re ready to rule the land. This basic crown and cape combo can work for a King, a Queen, a Prince, or a Princess, so if you decide to go royal, there are lots of classic Halloween costumes at your fingertips!

Classic Halloween Ghost

One of the most iconic classic Halloween costumes is also one of the cheapest costumes of all time. The classic ghost is a great disguise, easy to make, and won’t cost you more than a few bucks if you shop smart. Among classic Halloween costumes, the ghost is one of the most instantly recognizable, but is surprisingly rare among the crowds of holiday revelers. All you need to do to make this classic Halloween garb is to head to a thrift store in your town, pick up a big white sheet, and cut eyeholes in it. Boo!

A thrift shop like the Salvation army is likely to have a selection of very inexpensive bedding, and a flat sheet should run you less than five dollars, which is great news for your budget. When you cut eyeholes, it’s a good idea to start by draping yourself in the sheet, mark where your eyes are with a dot from a washable marker, and then start to cut. For safety’s sake, be sure to leave yourself holes that you can see out of fully, including your peripheral vision.

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