TOMS Giving Goes Local! #OneforOne Now in the US!

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As many of you know, around here MommyMatter are what many would call TOMS addicts. We love them and everything they do for our world. We love them so much; we are exceeding 50 pairs of TOMS Shoes between myself, Annette & the kids. Everyone also has the eyewear, books, journals, shirts, sweaters, bracelets; the list goes on and on and on. We are addicts!

Why are we TOMS Addicts? 

This is a question many ask us. We are TOMS addicts because they do greatness in the world. They provide shoes to those in need, they provide eye care to those in need and they also provide financial support to many great charities & communities in need. They do things many couldn’t imagine doing and are giving everyone all throughout the world the opportunity to give back by simply purchasing one of their products.

One for One!

We recently were informed of some amazing news that we couldn’t resist sharing with you, our awesome fans who many of which also love TOMS just as much as us!

First things first, watch this amazing video TOMS put together this week and you’ll understand our excitement…

TOMS Brings One for One into the United States

That’s right, you read that right! TOMS is now helping children in need in the United States. They’ve already given 10 million pairs of TOMS shoes to children in need across the globe and now they are taking it home & giving in our local communities!

TOMS will be giving shoes across 35+ states and also providing TOMS eye care to New York, California and New Mexico. They’ll be taking their One for One movement they’ve done so graciously well with the past 7 years and bringing it home! They’ve provided much needed footwear to people in over 60 different countries and eyecare to people in over 13 different countries, and now it is time to bring this movement home.

“Since I founded TOMS in 2006, it has been my goal to give sustainably in the U.S.,” admitted Mycoskie.

“Helping kids here in America is also something that the TOMS community has long wanted us to do, and we’re thrilled that we’re able to respond. I’m really proud of the TOMS Giving Team and its hard work over the years to improve the effectiveness and impact of our global giving.

We’re now at a point where we have the learning, resources and Giving Partners in place to responsibly give in the U.S.”

TOMS Gives the Shoes They Need

Many ask, are the children receiving the shoes we buy? Trust us, we too asked this question and were happy that TOMS answered! TOMS provides three different types of shoes with their One for One Giving movements. The shoes they provide are the following:

  • Sports Shoes – constructed for physical activity; supplements TOMS Giving Partners’ programs targeting childhood obesity.
  • Canvas Unisex Slip-Ons – all-purpose style available in a variety of colors.
  • Winter Boots – Fleece-lined, waterproof, adjustable fit; built to withstand cold climates.

“We hold our giving to the highest standard,” added Sebastian Fries, chief giving officer of TOMS. “Over the years we have learned from our Giving Partners about how to give shoes in the most impactful way. And though it took time to ensure that we could give to the same standard here at home, over the last year, we’ve established strong U.S. giving partnerships with organizations serving vulnerable populations in the U.S. We are honored to partner with organizations like Save the Children and Helen Keller International to help meet the challenges that children and communities face here in the U.S.”

Help us support TOMS with this movement and go buy a pair of TOMS shoes today! They are not only the most comfortable shoes ever worn but they give back in ways we never thought possible.

Want to help spread the word? Share the TOMS video on Facebook, Twitter… everywhere and also head over to Twitter & get involved in the #OneforOne chats going on!

Learn All About TOMS Giving in the U.S. Now!

Disclaimer: was provided compensation for participation in spreading the One for One word for All opinions are our own and in no way influenced. We just plain old LOVE TOMS!

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