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When you want to get something a little more fancy then your casual simple shoes, why not go above and beyond and get the fabulous TOMS Wraps Boots.

That’s right, Wraps Boots!

There are many different kinds of shoes available from TOMS, and the TOMS Wraps Boots are one thing getting a lot of buzz.

TOMS Wrap Boots

Although we love the original TOMS Shoes, I am even more excited about their Wraps Boot. Although TOMS seems to make the selling point that they’re Vegan (yum, vegan shoes!), I think the selling point is the WRAP.

You don’t pull these boots on, you WRAP them on like an ACE bandage, inspired by horse leg wraps, which is apparently a Argentinean polo thing.

You can wrap these high or low, thick or thin, right over your calves or over your skinny jeans or over your tights. Though they do come in the regular colors (light brown, dark brown, black) they also come in Olive Green and Bright Red. They’re flexible (no kidding!), creative, and original.

Not only is The Wrap Boot totally fabulous and super comfortable, but for every pair purchased, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie and team travel to locations in Argentina and South Africa to personally fit and donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Blake launched The Wrap Boot to help eradicate Podoconiosis, a 100% preventable disease found predominantly in rural Ethiopia, which causes swelling and ulcers in the lower legs and feet by exposing skin to soil.

Inspired by his polo playing days in Argentina, Blake modeled The Wrap Boot after the polo wraps wound around the bottom of a horse’s cannon bone during a match, which serve as both decoration and tendon support.

The Wrap Boot is made with a classic alpargata base and a stretched elastic upper with velcro closures, and comes in five colors.

Facts About TOMS Wrap Boots

Wrap them up. Wrap them down. TOMS Wrap Boots are a stylish way to wear One for One.

TOMS Wrap Boots are versatile and ultra comfortable, providing styles for any occasion, casual to formal. And they’re vegan-friendly. They have taken on the comfort you’ve experience wearing one of the many other TOMS Shoes options available, except they take on a whole new look. There is no other shoe like the TOMS Wraps Boots, making it unique and a great addition to every wardrobe!

  • Vegan friendly, using no animal products
  • Canvas insole with cushion for comfort
  • Latex arch insert for added support
  • One-piece outsole for flexibility and durability

Original TOMS Canvas Classics are available year-round. If your size is sold out of the TOMS Wrap Boots, please bear with TOMS – more are on the way.

TOMS run true to size and are available in medium width only. They recommend ordering the size you normally wear in a casual or dress shoe. If you’re typically in between sizes, they recommend going with the smaller one since TOMS will stretch slightly as you break them in.

TOMS Wrap Boots Options

The following is some of the selection available for TOMS Wrap Boots. Check them all out and find yourself that perfect pair of TOMS Wraps!

  1. TOMS Shoes Red Vegan Wrap Boots – Women
  2. TOMS Shoes Black Vegan Wrap Boots – Women
  3. TOMS Shoes Rust Vegan Women’s Wrap Boots
  4. TOMS Shoes Olive Vegan Women’s Wrap Boots

Shop for TOMS Wrap Boots at TOMS Shoes!

You can also save on your pair of TOMS Wrap Boots easily with one of our TOMS Coupons we make available to you. There are several coupon offers available to help you get exactly what you want, at a price you can afford. TOMS Shoes is a company worth every penny. For every single pair of TOMS that you purchase, TOMS Shoes will donate a pair of TOMS to a child in need. They live by their One for One movement and will ensure that for every pair you purchase, a child in this world will receive a pair of shoes. So in reality, when you buy one pair of TOMS Shoes, you are buying two and making a huge difference in someone else’s life! It is a win win situation for all!

Take the time to get to know TOMS and everything they do! We have and love everything that they do for those in need in this world. Shoes are an important asset for every person to have, and this is why TOMS is such an amazing company. They put opportunity on to millions of children’s feet all because of a pair of shoes! Help make a difference today and buy a pair of TOMS Shoes now! There is a large variety of TOMS Shoes available for purchase. Make sure you check them out too!

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  • Arlis Giles

    Are your boots made for woman with large legs. Are they for the smaller calf womam I have large legs and have a hard time getting boots to fit my legs