Transitioning from Summer to Back to School

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It is that time of year again, back to school time. Some of you already have kids back in school while others aren’t until this upcoming week. Either way, it is that time of year again and that means it is time to reign in on the schedules and get life back to those pesky routines.

Since I am a bit of a timeframe freak and love my days organized & scheduled, transitioning from summer to back to school becomes a bit of a hay day. Days get shorter, meals get more scheduled and every aspect of our days start to involve what they’d experience at school.

Tips on Transitioning into School

That’s right, I am giving tips! I know, not something I do often because lets face it, I hate know it all parents. These are things I do to help transition my kids back into school routine and I’m sharing with you. Do I expect you to follow them to the tee, nope. Will they work for you? It would be nice but your life is probably way different than mine!

So, how do we transition back to school?

First things first, that week before school isn’t spent back to school shopping. Been there, done that. This week is dedicated solely to schedules. Meals are at the times they’d have to have them during school days, wake up time is school day wake up time and they best have their butts ready by 8:30am or they’ll be late… for nothing.

Now, many of you are back to school shopping. Why don’t I do it this week? Stores are busy, jam packed full of parents trying to find the best products at the cheapest price. Did you know in 2 weeks, those prices are half the cost and you’ll guaranteed need the same school supplies next year. That’s right, I did all this last year! Only things I buy is back packs, lunch boxes and maybe new clothes; but I did that over a week ago.

Sure, I’ve lost some of the items throughout the year but upon organizing some areas of my house I found them again. It is nice buying Crayola crayons for $0.25 for a 24 pack versus $4.99! Things get real cheap once schools been in for weeks.

Back to transitioning into school.

Schedule. All school based. If you don’t know your child’s school schedule, call the school and get it. You’ll be happy you did.

Meals. We minimize day time snacking and lunches to the exact hours they’d have at school. Why? Because then my kids aren’t feeling starved in between meal times at school and their little tummies are used to it already.

Early bed times. Oh no! This part I love. We are no longer staying up until 9pm, we are back to 7pm hits it is time for showers, PJ’s and bed. Everyone is asleep by 8pm and this mama gets some down time.

Day time activities not jam packed. I know, I’m mean. Our days become more relaxed. No more day trips to random places. It is either play outside in your yard or do crafts inside. We keep our days more relaxed and quiet this time of year as they need to adjust to not doing exciting stuff all day long all the time.

Lastly… NO MORE NAPS 🙁 This part I dislike! Throughout the summer, my kids have quiet time. In most homes this is called nap time. I don’t care if they are sleeping or not, I get an hour and a bit of no one talks to me. Simple. It helps us not kill each other by bed time throughout the summer months. This also comes to an end the last week of summer as they need to adjust to not having naps again for school.

Transitioning for back to school used to be hard when they first started school, but now with a few years practice it has gotten easier. Everyone is excited for school and getting away from each other. We’ve hit our points in summer where we are bored and ready for school, so no fussing going on over here!

How do you transition your kids into the back to school routine? We’d love to hear how you do it too!

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