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This morning I sat, reading the blog of a girl I met through Canadian Moms, a community MommyMatter has joined and fallen in love with very quickly, and was very pleased with what I found. In my attempt to be more green over the past few years I have always done my research on how to recycle better, conserve energy and just be an all around better person for our world. I want my kids to have a beautiful place to grow up in, and my grandkids, and etc etc. This of course takes a lot of work because this world is slowly falling apart with the millions of people who just do not care about our glorious planet.

The fabulous Good Girl Gone Green has really made going green an easy decision. Her website is right away very pleasant to see, and so easy to navigate.  I don’t normally write about other people’s websites on MommyMatter, but this girl deserves it! She is doing her part for the world and trying to get green awareness out there, and this deserves all the support she can get.

This website is fairly new, but she is not fairly new to the online world. She has just started a brand new website, with a new design, domain and everything. We know she is going to provide great information and help to be more green, as she has been doing it in Twitter for quite some time.

Here are the reasons Good Girl Gone Green has listed for why people should go green…

Why Go Green…

Why not go green? This really is the question.
Everyone has their own personal reasons for joining the “green revolution” as well as what they believe constitutes living green! Over the years, I have become more in tune with my “green” inner self.

Tune in over the next few weeks to Good Girl Gone Green for the Going Green Chronicles. In the meantime, here are her top ten reasons why everyone should try to live a little more environmentally responsible:

  1. It supports the local economy
  2. It combats global warming
  3. It’s good for your health
  4. It reduces dependence on foreign oil
  5. It lowers consumption of natural resources
  6. It is good for your wallet
  7. It promotes technological advancement
  8. It saves endangered species
  9. It reduces the amount of trash in our landfills
  10. Simply because going green never felt so good!

We fully agree with her and feel that it is something everyone should practice. When I think of my children and the world we grow up in now, I know it is not going to be this way as they get older. Things will either get a lot worse, or a lot better. I hope things get better and they have a beautiful world to grow up in as I did. Millions of children are going to be growing up into what the people of the world has already destroyed, and we need to raise awareness on going green. By instilling green habits into our children, we are improving their futures and our own as well.

When a child is raised in a home that has green awareness, they are more likely to take care of our world then those whom are not. Teaching a child the importance of recycling, conserving energy and being all around world smart is a great habit. I know we are trying to teach them many things as they grow, but this is one that should not be missed.

It is time for you to go green and help improve our world alongside us! Help raise awareness, help keep our world clean and help make a difference.

Please watch Good Girl Gone Green for some amazing Green tips, as we know she is going to have many. Going green isn’t a hard thing to do, and it is something everyone can do, so do it now!

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3 thoughts on “Why Go Green

  • Nancy

    I’m so glad so many are deciding to make a difference in this world. I’m super passionate about being Eco-friendly in my life and hope to inspire others as well. I always say that any change–big or small can make a big difference. All it takes is more people thinking this way. I’m so happy to have a fellow treehugger in the blogging world like Steph!

    She rocks!

    BTW, I’m very happy you are liking Canadian Moms! Kat and I and all the girls are pleased to have you!

  • Canadian Moms Online Community

    Steph is an awesome person and has set up a beautiful site! I am looking forward to stalking her blog. I have learned so much from Steph in the time I have known her and I know she is going to help educate a whole lot of people! Great job, Steph! Thanks for the mention too! 😉